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Bro an OTH is a huge stain on your record and will prevent you from getting several benefits you are entitled to. I hope you realize what you’re doing. Being happy that you will... be able to get a job is extremely short sighted. You served your country and you’re happy to just be employable?

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If covid isn’t dangerous why don’t you go to a hospital and purposely get infected for immunity

And you're a shill for telling us to never fight back, no matter what, don't ever fight back.

Didn’t say “never” or “no matter what” you low IQ strawmanning loser

And finally, you're a shill for having such a ridiculously obviously shill username. What, do you think we're all retarded?

Yes I think you’re retarded, and the fact you think you’ve exposed me as a sHiLL based on my username confirms that

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Depends on if you consider Jews white. Debatable

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Yeah I’m a shill for telling you NOT to be a violent retard! That totally makes sense, if you’re retarded

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I always laugh when I hear people talking about “white privilege.”

Do you mean white people built the most advanced civilization ever, they invented democracy, constitutional checks and balances, the rule of law, science, and 99% of the technology you use AND also benefit the most from the civilization they built for themselves?

Wow! No way! I can’t believe illiterate illegal aliens make less money than the descendants of Galileo. We better adopt full blown communism

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People here haven’t grown out of a 3rd grade mentality and still think they are edgy calling everyone faggots. (Hahaha it doesn’t mean gay people omg sooo witty and brilliant!!! haVenT yoU sEeN thAt ePisOdE oF sOuTh PaRk??).

This is much more important than growing our base and avoiding alienating some of our best allies with childish sarcasm. /s

MAGA used to be explicitly pro-gay, Trump was the first President to support gay marriage throughout his entire term and gays were a sizable part of his base after the Orlando Pulse shootings. Anyone with half a brain and any emotional maturity understands loyalty to the US is 100x more important than sexuality.

Scott Pressler came to MAGA because of this and used to post here before all the toxic, childish idiots here took over with the help of the new douchebag mods. Brandon Straka is more valuable than any idiot here. I’m so sick of the facetious idiots who took over this site and the cunt mods who banned me for sticking up to these toxic cunts.

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Yeah it really does, but I’m glad you’re being realistic. 2024 is the realistic route for us to save our country (and we need to take back the senate in 2022 to minimize the damage Biden does).

Our focus right now above everything else should be ending mail in ballots in our states.

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denied his request to be released from custody for a week so he could attend his father’s funeral.

I am currently engaged in a deep spiritual battle. I will not let evil win. I am strong. But it is hard. They want to break me. I will not let them. My love for this country will never end.

Do you understand what they are doing? They are trying to provoke us into violence. This is all planned.

Don’t take the bait. Follow this pedes example. We are all in a spiritual war. We have to outsmart these devils, we have to see the bigger picture. Don’t run into their traps.

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We simply cannot let these pieces of shit win. Never forget what they did to Trump, and what Trump did for all of us.

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What we need to do is pressure state legislators to decertify the state electoral votes for Biden.

If you break the law you are an insufferable idiot. You are NOT helping MAGA by breaking the law.

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It is a red pill. You’re just an arrogant antivax conspiritard that doesn’t know a red pill when you see one. The fact that a midwit zoomer like you thinks you can talk down to a genius like Trump is hilarious. This site is filled with arrogant man children these days

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Reductive and stupid. Rand Paul is not Bernie Sanders. But you’ll get Orange arrows the more sensational you are, because this site is filled with arrogant kids these days.

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haha man you boomers with your real world accomplishments and shit

That’s nice because what you wrote is retarded nonsense that no educated person takes seriously. It’s so painfully retarded that I can’t even bring myself to respond to it, it’s flat earth level retardation. And I don’t care if random little retards on the internet take me seriously or not, unlike you I have real world accomplishments and don’t care about Orange arrows. Enjoy your conspiracy theories.

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Here’s the real question you should ask yourself. What is your education on military history, especially re Afghanistan?

If it’s nothing, you’re not in any position to ask any of these questions. You’re a rookie and you need to read more and talk less.

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When there’s another 9/11 you’ll just sit there with a stupid look on your face

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Literally nothing but retarded gibberish and typical pandering by a zoomer who doesn’t know the first thing about anything, but thinks he’s intelligent because he can spam gibberish. You’re everything there is wrong with this site.

My favorite part is how your rebuttal to the fact that you have no education to speak of, no real knowledge on Afghanistan, and that “I’ve been seriously studying politics longer than you have been alive” is oK bOoMer. Youre like the little pissant college freshman who tries to dunk on the professor by repeating dumb shit your retard dad told you, only to realize you’re in way over your head and have nothing but fake macho bravado and idiotic conspiracy theories you can’t prove.

You’re not even trying. You’re a manchild troll / a shameless waste of life. You never should have inherited this country.

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It’s not poison. Trump isn’t telling us to take poison ffs

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