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What is the actual purpose of those kinds of face shields?

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Almost feels intentional…

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I seriously doubt that would stop anything. You don’t think these agencies have contingency plans to continue operating even if they get officially abolished by congress?

I’ve always wondered if it’s even possible to cut off all of the heads this snake has.

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How about splinter into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind?

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Twitter trending page last night was even more cancerous than usual.

People are THRILLED

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If you come for the king, you better not miss…

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So you signed an NDA to protect clothing from being stolen?

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They did the same thing to the mother's house...

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That would be the smart play here. They know she won, so use this last bit of time to create a scandal that will make her look like a hypocritical cheater.

Not that Arizonian's would buy it... but WaPo readers sure would!

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Sorry, it was still early in the morning. Wasn't firing on all cylinders yet.

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Holy fuck. Thank you for pointing this out. I'm an idiot.

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Glad to see people actually understand this, rather than the people who immediately jump to "Alex made some mistakes/got some things wrong, but he's generally pretty right" bullshit.

SH was a psyop. Period.

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I'll go down way before that happens. Just don't compare it to Christmas morning.

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Oh I completely agree. Would never call that Christmas though... That was my only point.

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Good luck shooting a federal agent. Even if he is trespassing. I'm sure that will work out just fine for you.

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Exactly. She's not a brave person. No way in hell would she be on that plane if she weren't 100% certain that this is all just a show for the world stage.

As if the DNC would cross China... ha

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