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Fuck he might actually get the suburban housewife vote…

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How did they discover it? Do they have a test for which variant it is? If so, do they run that test on all covid cases? I thought extensive bloodwork and analysis was needed to determine which variant it is.

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This video couldn’t be a better example for why you Don’t Talk to the Police

In this case, I’m glad these idiots did. But even they would have been wise to just STFU and take the traffic ticket.

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I’m so tired of making posts here. It’s to the point that unless you get stickied, your post will die within an hour. A lot of questions and good information go unanswered and unnoticed.

But shitty misspelled memes will rocket right to the top every day.

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Stop getting excited about this clear honeypot of a trap. They already got rid of dislikes, now they’ll use this example to get rid of public comments.

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Still calling that this whole thing was planned. They’re waiting for it to go viral so they can offer their solution of censoring the comment sections.

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By God, it’s almost too easy…

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There’s a tipping point, and the speed at which they global elites are progressing their plans has become unsustainable. It’s been clear since 2016 that they are on a time crunch for some reason.

The second they take that one step too far, things will change quickly. Even my most leftist friends are starting to question shit, the public is primed. And an armed public can’t be dominated like Australia.

“So Naive.”

What a douche

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She was pushing an "anti-lynching" bill at the time... I mean, come on now, what do we have to do to get a real investigation into this bullshit??

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This sign is referring to Trump. Why is this here?

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American’s exercising their 2nd amendment rights are the only thing standing between the world and global tyranny.

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This seems like a trap. I bet they’re gonna use this comment section as an excuse to further censor YouTube comments.

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Fuck that, they clearly scheduled it for the same week, strictly so the media can ignore one and focus on the other.

Who gives a fuck about that guy, even leftists admit he’s a lying piece of shit

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Is this a real thing that’s actually happening?

If so, good for them. They’ll probably reach a settlement by Monday.

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I had a truck salesman say to me last week “Ehhh what’s the harm in just getting it?”

I said, “a lot of potential harm, way more than me getting the virus at least”

He smirked at me as if I was just a “crazy conspiracy theorist” and said “well I don’t think so”

Cool. As long as you don’t agree with it being forced on me, then do whatever the hell you want.

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And yet they’ll all still claim “everyone knew that” whenever a new lie gets exposed. Like clockwork.

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