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“ Maybe we can invade Canada. They've always had it coming. ”

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That’s just arrests. The true number of invaders is probably triple that

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Political Satirists have a way of taking current events and seeing the absurdity of them. Ben Garrison is the leading political cartoonist of the MAGA MOVEMENT.

My question(s) for BEN GARRISON:

Name the thing you find the most ridiculous about this administration.

Conversely, name the thing about this administration that terrifies you the most.

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They’re doing it not cause they are afraid of covid, they just hate dealing with the owners and now they have an excuse to treat you however they like

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Faith in the next generation = Restored

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They say there is 270,000 Georgians without ID.

That's fucking bullshit, you can't live in this world without ID.

They mean there is 270,000 PHANTOM VOTER PROFILES that can't produce ID.

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Good, let them open that fucking door.

They want to start calling their political opponents "enemies of the state" the whole world will see them as communist usurpers that are willing to kill off half their population to achieve their hallowed Utopia.

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