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All icebergs flip as they melt

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Possible soon

23 new infections reported yesterday

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Who knows at this point

It's all so tiring

The older i get, the more I find out about this world.. I don't like what it has become, not one bit.

The only positive is there has been "some" push back, but not nearly enough.

I'm not an overly religious man, but I do believe. The lord was lost and this is the effect.

No response needed, I see for your comments you are a lost troll

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Wow...this concept just may work.

I think this guy is on to something!

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No No. He is going to figure it out still. The 4 years prepared him to go figure it out now.

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Gap chunk ran uncontested so they didn't need to vote for her.

Their job was to screw us

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