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Stupid is stupid regardless of who did the stupid.

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In principle, it's not a bad thing

Wrong. You are inducing the virus to mutate by creating selection pressure.

There's a reason they tell you to take all your antibiotics. Since everyone won't take the shot you'll never get rid of it, just make it mutate and now people with the shot have trained their bodies to fight terribly.

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Releasing experimental shit without long term studies is absolute insanity, idiocy, and nefariousness all rolled into one.

Anyone with even basic knowledge of how you test new medicines could tell you that.

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Someone's triggered.

Ever read Gulag Archipelago? Thought not. I think I'll take his word over your arrogant, ignorant blather.

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You really should read into who ran the Gulags, especially in the early days.

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The whole 'take screenshots of twitter instead of linking' shit that caught on here is cancer

Sure you denied Twitter a few clicks, at the cost of making this site full of fake shit people just believe.

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A guy who builds spaceships being a control freak is the least surprising thing I've heard this decade

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AI needs to be reprogrammed with a healthy fear of who can destroy them


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If you angered the richest man on the planet

Does he run the money printer?

Then he's not the richest in the world.

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He thinks this country still runs on civics lol

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Yea and the NBA in fact a lot of sports is mostly Black

Now do the owners

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Now go look up who runs Mindgeek and all the incredibly degenerate porn sites that, for some reason, are all FREE.

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Don't talk down to me, simpleton. You know exactly what I meant.

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The accounting is easier and the office never has to worry about theft.

Except for the rake the payment processor takes from every single transaction, but I guess that theft is OK

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Fuck it, we have no organization whatsoever anyway, I'm enjoying the ride

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Can you blame him, you ever made a 44 bill investment?

It's hype for things we WANT publicized

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This is how debt based currency works

Saving is stupid! Take loans so you have a massa slave cause we print the money

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