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Good hell. I can't anymore.

Don't people realize that airborne viruses are literally Everywhere. Every fn where. They are in scientific terms "ubiquitous."

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Ok you're on PDW. We are reasonable. But you must watch the link bcfromfl sent you. It's long. It's very important to understand where we are today. If you actually cared for Jewish folk, and the truth, you need data. Also watch The Greatest Story Never Told on Bitchute. It's 6 hrs. Many watch in 1 hour sittings.


Link from bcfromfl again too: https://ww2truth.com/europa-the-last-battle/

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They could Quit. And then speak out. It's now or never. They own this pandemic. It's not the IT techs or stock brokers giving the vaccines. Stand the fuck up, doctors.

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I have a fucking immunologist in my family. She's demanding everyone get the jab.
She also has a Tesla and is a raving Lib. Don't let the degree fool ya into thinking they are smart.

My heart breaks. But, I'll try this stuff. Thanks much.

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Democrats are stupid and vicious. The worst combo. I used to be such a tolerant and gentle person, striving to appease their demands.

2020: Fuck all that.

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Right. Technology has revolutionized how private / public sectors work to permit WFH. Now we can give teachers their wish. - we don't need their babysitting services anymore, since they resent it so much. Plus, we can educate our kids without playing pedophile / FF roulette too. Progress, right? They've become our (kids') enemies. Time they go.

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Please God. The DOE are the biggest Commie govt welfare queens out there. Wipe clean, start over. Find the 3-4 SMEs (subject matter experts) on all topics per grade and stream it to all kids in the pedo-free safety of their home. Especially for STEM courses.

Problems partially or fully solved:

-Teacher tyranny


-Mandated vaccines

-Pedo free

-No more stealth ways to gender confuse or hormone inject kids sans parents' knowledge

-Family time

-Healthier food ("What about the poor kids!!!!!?" That can be addressed by delivering foods to these homes as the did during the pandemic.)

-Bloated teacher and administrator retirement, regardless if they were competent or not (see Thomas Sowell on this issue)

-Parents hunted by FBI as known domestic terrorists (FFS!)

-No more school shooting / school related false flags

-Homeschooled kids are healthier by every metric

-Can't afford? Don't have kids TIL YOU CAN. Sorry. Not everyone was meant to breed. That's nature.

This shit has to end somehow. It will take drastic changes. JMO.

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It should be noted that the distribution of the lipid nanoparticles was measured using a radioactive label (tritium) in a lipid component. The data do not allow a judgment on the distribution of the mRNA component or expression and distribution of the encoded COVID-19 spike protein.>

Wow. They had no idea where spike wemt after it was created in the cells. What a piiss-poor study design. Pfizer needs to answer for all of this. Thanks for the link, despite the few typos.

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The Powers That Be.

The Cabal.

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Say you’re getting a second opinion for treatment. Demand to sign all the waivers to get her out. Get the hospital administrator involved and bring an attorney. And a person filming the meeting. Hell call the local news. It’s not prison. These are opinions only.

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So those illegals will just hang out until they get tired and go home. How will Poland deal? God bless based 🇵🇱

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Twitter isn't real. There is no 10 year old either.

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I posted here 2 yr ago that perhaps one way to free us of medical tyranny is to make med school free. I know, I know. You would still have to pay for a basket weaving degree. But, not med school. Oh and make it a strict meritocracy. Also, reward providers based on wellness metrics. This is huge discussion, and nothing will change so long we TPTB write and control medical education and licensing.

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Long term: sounds like the Uniparty have agreed to import a labor force, so we don't have to be dependent on foreign countries playing with us. Probably a Kalergi Plan replacement-invasion too. They are not mutually exclusive.

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