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exactly, he is the Tom Cruise of Ukraine.

Only Zakinksy is in the WEF Cult which is more dangerous to the world then what Tom is into.

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Perfect, you ride the fatties..... save super models and other genuine bikini models for ME and Donald.

Different strokes for different folks.

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Certainly not as a person, but holding up as definition of beauty..... yeah nasty. Someone shoving shit down our throats. SI Swim lost their shit years ago

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She is fat and nasty and should not be featured in SI period. SI Swim has been taken over by a bunch of nutcake women, and this is what they are jamming down your throat.

Eat it up, or else Tubby here will clean your plate for you.


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Faster then you can say, "superfrag........ adotious"

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I am friends with the people behind http://TeenyB.com swimwear, which has been featured in SI for 10 years now. She only sends XS and S bikinis to Sports Illustrated because she does not want her brand to be destroyed with an authoritarian whale or hippo being put into her Swimwear.

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MAGA goes beyond Donald Trump.

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We have only been waiting for a Holding like this from Supreme Court for 50 years.

Roe vs Wade set off a landslide of "made up rights" that became protected, and the Rights clearly annunciated in the Constitution ( Bill of Rights) were being trampled upon!


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We need more public shaming of these scumbags!!

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She does this in PARIS. Bullying frogs and tourists in France has WHAT to do with the USA?

She cannot do that in any urban area in the USA, because the bitch would get stabbed, shot or attacked with fecal matter.

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As if they OWN houses..... HAH! Maybe a few "leaders" of BLM had the free cash to buy houses in Florida. Otherwise, probably not.

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Stupid bitch, the USA is still a SuperPower for now, and thus cannot be bullied in international affairs. Ukraine allowed themselves, Ukraine a crooked non-powerful Country to be tricked/bribed into starting to attack a fucking fading SuperPower on their front door.

Don't piss in Russian soup and expect people to sacrifice for your shitty corrupt Country when it gets pounded by a fucking super power!!

Perhaps you give up the parts of your "country" that speak Russian???

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