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Which person in American politics today do you think represents the biggest threat to our liberties? Which person represents the greatest hope for them?

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If you attack the establishment with the law on your side they will bring the full force of the injustice system at you. That's how you know that working within the system won't solve our problems unfortunately.

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Teachers should stay within their subject without deviation. The classroom is not your soapbox commie

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So there's somewhere between a quarter and a third of Americans that can't be easily threatened or manipulated. Less than I had hoped but hopefully enough.

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Oh you got complications from the jab? I'm not the kind of person to say atodaso, but you know what? Atodaso! I fuckin' atodaso!

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The law that establishes these positions states that the people are appointed for a term of three years. They are not fireable. One of them has refused to resign already. Should be interesting.

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Shutting the barn door when the horse is already in the pasture.

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The left would shit themselves if they ever saw what some real "far right extremism" looks like.

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Her: Stop looking at me creep. Me: Can you just make me a sandwich already? Her: You misogynistic asshole! Me: Lady this is Subway and you work here! I just want some lunch!

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Even pedos get a trial and just treatment under our laws which is more than the justice system is giving some people who took a unscheduled tour of a public building. People with your attitude is why we're all gonna end up just like them one day if we don't push back. I'll take a misguided larper over a obstinately wrong fool any day.

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Political prisoners from Jan 6th rotting in solitary and their families might disagree with you bud. We're not immune from the wrath of tyrants our founders just gave us a head start by the grace of God but we're generations into squandering it and accelerating more every day.

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This ain't no movie and the good guys don't always win. Tell that fairy tale to the people suffering around the world from totalitarian regimes and communism. I'm sure they'll take comfort that the good guys will win someday in the far future after they're dead and forgotten In a mass grave.

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The sky is blue... water is wet... Democrats sue... such is life. Fuck em.

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F for those kids. They're about to have a fucked up childhood.

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Do they not know being a Florida man already comes with a 43% mortality rate? You think this scares those crazy fuckers that drunkenly wrestle gators for fun?

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