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What I think would shock a lot of people on here is just how many right-wingers like that. Start talking about ending all government funding to healthcare, education, social security, disability, etc... and watch how fast right-wingers come and defend "socialism" while pretending to be against socialism. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

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Not happening in a western society lol. Welcome to the matriarchy.

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This is rarely the case. You're just "friends" with the women so you've eaten their bullshit.

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Don't pretend the other 17% who voted NDP aren't foaming at the mouth loving what Trudeau is doing.

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Have you guys heard what has been going on in China? The Uyghur genocide? It's on wikipedia and is promoted by approved news media sources. There's a group of people in China that just want to live their traditional way of life but the Chinese aren't allowing that. They're forcing these people into reeducation camps, sterilizing their women and doing all sorts of things to ensure they can't keep their traditional way of life. It is being called a genocide because they are effectively causing the total wipeout of these people even if they aren't directly killing them. The craziest part is how a lot of the Chinese people believe the Chinese government's propaganda. Stuff like how the group are Uyghur supremacists and evil. How if they just accepted the will of the government, they'd be better off. By wanting their own way of life, they're harming everyone else in society, etc... Can you believe the Chinese people believe that kind of propaganda their government is feeding them?

I'm so glad we live in the west where our governments don't do these sorts of things. Imagine the harm our government could cause all in the name of good if they pushed similar propaganda. Would we even be able to see through it or would we be blinded to it just like the Chinese people? It's crazy to think about, isn't it?

Hey, have you ever watched Black Mirror? I think you'd like it, it's a great TV show. You guys should all watch Black Mirror...

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No, actually, you've just admitted you're a fool, that's all.

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Just because the average IQ of white people is 100 doesn't mean Torba is an asshole for doing something that requires an IQ at least 1 standard deviation from the mean to figure out.

Nobody at Gab is pretending Trump is posting there. It says right in the description that it's not him.

It's actually not much different than when we sticky what Trump says here.

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Because people wanted it. This website did the same. Notice the pictures of Trump? Oh no, inform the mods they're being disengenuous. Trump never approved this website. The mods are using Trump's name and likeness to draw people to communities.win

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Yeah he knew people wanted it so he gave the people want they wanted. The horror.

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Lol, the Gab account says it isn't actually him in the description. Nice try though. Gab is the only decent social media platform. Truth social doesn't allow one to speak the truth about Jews or Ns.

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So you're saying the vast majority of GOP supporters and Americans and people on this website adhere to the Frankfurt School? How much socialism is too much? Federal military is socialism or not? School, welfare, healthcare, legal system, social security, environmental regulations, labour laws, etc... how much socialism is allowed until it's Frankfurt School?

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No, the trick is to create a parallel society. Once they've been excluded from our superior society, they'll start to ask questions. Using their services on their turf is a recipe to lose.

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Like my username all you want but you better follow my orders.

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God can't exist because he punishes people for acting immorally? Sounds like a leftist.

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I hope people will start realizing psychology and "mental health" is just another way for governments to control you. Oh you don't like the oppressive society we've created? Here have some drugs so you stop bothering us. Also, you're the problem not us.

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Sure, I'll explain that. Because right wing vs. left-wing is not social programs vs. not. It's far more complex than that. GOP supports public schools so they're socialist therefore all GOP supporters are socialists and same as democrats, right? See, a little more complicated than that.

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I have never met a left-wing National Socialist. Most are right-wingers but with different takes on how socialized society should be. Keep in mind modern day USA is a socialist country. There's welfare, there's government funding to education, government funding to healthcare, government funding to xyz. That's socialism and most National Socialists I've spoken to think that modern day USA in terms of what services it provides is fine but that if the USA was only white people we could have all the same socialized government programs at a significantly cheaper cost since non-whites use government services at a much higher rate than white people.

Calling these National Socialists left-wing is equivalent to calling GOP supporters left-wing. I get where you're coming from if you're a government shouldn't exist and we should all live in family clans among city-states of 1000 people in which we maintain full sovereignty and have our own standing armies etc... Yeah, modern day America and therefore National Socialists can be pretty left-wing in comparison to that but take any National Socialist and Leftists, put them in a room and they won't agree on pretty much any political issue so trying to say they are both the same is highly disingenuous.

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Even if this was a false flag, I think right-wingers need to be a little more self-aware. I used to be a member of the Proud Boys and have been involved in a lot of right-wing movement IN PERSON not just online. A lot of right-wingers are Pro-Nazis. I've seen tons of Nazi paraphernalia at right-winger parties. They are exactly what you would expect. Cocaine, Guns and Nazi hats. This isn't just "neo-nazi" stuff but a lot of typical right-wingers. The tradesmen, truckers, etc... This delusion on the right I see with online people where all right-wingers are family oriented gentle teddy-bears that love immigrants and POCs is garbage. That's one segment but hardly even "most" right-wingers.

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See, there's a lot more to this. If they keep you poor enough, they can say you shouldn't be trying to earn freedom in your spare time, you should be working harder not to be poor. That's their game plan.

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