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Hungry people are ANGRY people, hopefully this will cause unintended consequences toward the ruling elite.

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Angry tyranny downvoting all the replies 🤣 you're not changing anything lmaooo...

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His momma reminds me of mine, always there for me no matter what! Can't describe how happy I am for him, nothing but greatful!

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There needs to be a bill passed that ensures people who commit these heinous crimes get executed NO MATTER WHAT. Especially when the evidence is very clear!

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I've seen friends first hand go from extreme left to hard-core right and they're not going back. It's possible, but you're right to be cautious.

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They act like no other people out there are fucking idiots... These people feed right into the ADL propaganda. There aren't Jewish people hiding under your bed, relax...

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These fucking cocksuckers post this shit then write about it on their ADL website. We know what you're doing cunt!

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She deleted her account 🤣

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If need more proof our "justice system" is completely corrupted, I don't know what to tell you...

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