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That is so unrealistic, he can't string a sentence that long without stuttering or stammering over his own words.

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Is that bottom photo actually from California? If so holy shit that's just embarrassing and disgusting.

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Um... I don't see any section about insulting/pissing off your own voters or apologizing for something the left got offended by.

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Theres a Foodland about 300m from my house that for the last week has been out of like 90+% of the meat it usually stocked, the toiletries isle was almost empty as well, most of the pet food was gone and a lot of the frozen meals were out of stock as well. Heaps of the shops in SA were low on stock, blaming unforeseen delays, its gotten better the last couple days but who know how long it will last (the vegan section was still 100% stocked so that was a little funny to see).

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So what happens when you defy the Supreme Courts decision and can anything actually be done to enforce their decision?

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For me this is a clear case of Poe's law, this seems like trolling or doing this as a joke but after some of the shit I've seen people do over the last couple years this could also be 100% serious.

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How many of those "Doctors" are actually medical Doctors and how many have Doctorates in other non medical fields?

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CNN Fact Check: There have been many claims that pedophilia is bad but CNN producers and correspondents disagree therefore the claim will be rated as mostly false.

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New South Wales had 21 die with COVID yesterday (yeah they actually said "with" this time), 12 were vaxed, 8 were not and 1 had their first dose.

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Not to mention Don Lemon is also being taken to court for sexual assault.

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Biden: Folks, uhh... just remember tha...that uh.... you know the the ... the thing and......... what am I doing here?

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Yeah, well that cant happen again.

Viet Cong enters the conversation

Definitely cant happen a 3rd time.

Taliban enters the conversation

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There seriously needs to be some reform in these hearings, if you are under oath and asked a question you must answer it, no more of this BS talking in circles and not answering anything and trying to run out the clock.

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Lets play a fun game shall we, What would the headlines be tomorrow if Trump said the exact same thing to these wildfire victims?

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I was gonna watch it later, is it really going that badly? What's being said?

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Not only will they murder you, they will praise themselves for doing so and call you a terrorist. All while arming and defending actual terrorists (foreign and domestic).

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