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WHAOW FIFTY WHOLE PERCENT!!!1 God bless you patriot, your freedumb medal should arrive in the mail in 2 weeks!

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Company is deep in the red since 2020.

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Why do you want to massacre infants?

KYS yourself immediately

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It means that if you do not have a dwelling, one will be provided to you. All property will be held in common and distributed equitably. Of course, you'll be allowed to keep whatever existing dwelling you're occupying, but all investment properties would be turned over to the state and enter the common pool of property. I say this as someone who has over $1M in real estate equity btw (primary+vacation homes).

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Nah you'll do nothing at all except post your evil thoughts online, then eventually keel over from the slop you stuff yourself with.

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Nobody is taking out loans on houses right now given the insane interest rates, but there are a ton of boomers and landleeches (or aspiring landleeches) that are able to pay cash for single family homes. Hence, demand (and price) are still increasing, while housing supply is largely inelastic (or even declining in some areas).

The solution? Universal housing and property rights. Sorry that won't be a popular opinion on here among the boomers and landleeches who's entire net worth is tied up in real estate, but if you want your grandchildren to have any modicum of social stability, it has to happen.

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Yeah he's full of shit, that's why the story doesn't make sense.

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Lmao claims to be an accountant and claims to have 2.7M in a checking account. At least now more people are catching on to the fact that you are utterly full of shit

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If you're carrying a balance month to month on your credit line you're already retarded...

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