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You'd be better off tagging someone like Dan Scavino on Twitter or something. Scavino has an eye for detail.

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In my own social orbit, I've seen a lot of folks that were more or less indifferent to what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom adopt a more....entire rainbow clan into the woodchipper sort of outlook. They're tired of themselves and their families being bombarded from every angle with alphabet propaganda.

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Conservative gays see what's happening with drag queen story hour and want no part of it. They want no part of gay men pretending to be women for attention, and they damn sure don't want to be blamed for any of it. Just like a famous Chris Rock standup bit from the 90's where he called out a certain sect of his race for fucking it up for everyone else, so too are gays reaching their "gay people versus faggots" moment. Unfortunately, the grooming portion of the alphabet mafia have set in motion such an anger and hostility that it will be difficult, if not impossible, for those conservative gays that just want to be left alone to change anything.

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I'll allow it. Also acceptable to photoshop Bill Mitchell into any picture for an instant bundle.

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Oh Chinada,

Ching chong, bang ding, and ow,

Trudeau rove Jinping,

And worship Chairman Mao.

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Now charge this entire illegitimate administration (former and current employees) with crimes against humanity.

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They didn't get their indictment insurrection so now they're back to good old-fashioned entrapment.

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1.) Withdraw your daily cash limit from the ATM.

2.) Do cashback when paying for purchases at stores.

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Everybody in that office, whether involved or not, whether they lean left, right, or center, will be considered "in the game" if the DA proceeds. This is a fact, not a threat. If I worked in that office, I'd be looking for another job yesterday because it's going to get ugly fast.

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u/Doggos have you tried reaching out to any of the known right-friendly attorneys like Robert Barnes, Nick Rekieta, or Bill Richmond to see if there is any basis for a 230 publisher/platform case with a contingency-based fee structure?

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