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You can’t just open up a hospital

You need permission from the government at thousand different levels

And there’s of course the threats of judicial persecution

You’ve lived under a socialized healthcare system for decades

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You’re close

You see … liars can be very good at math … like better than you

And unless there’s a higher authority than math, or politics or military power … you are simply subject to whomever carries the larger stick

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Math doesn’t do any of that

Common sense does

No matter how many mathematical proofs exist … fraudsters commit fraud, communist believe alternative realities

All the greatest mathematicians the Soviet Union had … claimed 2+2=5 … not because they believed it … but because they didn’t had … common sense

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Cavemen had roads, Bronze Age illiterate farmers had bridges, Roman doctors were illiterate slaves that had no privilege for math, the car was perfected by a high school graduate that tinkered with combustion engines in his farm house … the first plane was designed by a couple of bycicle engineeres … but also thousands of engineers and amateurs failed at it

Medicine has been a trial and error practice of thousands of years

Roads break constantly, bridges fall …

You get the picture

Math explains some phenomena after the fact

It helps retro engineer the accomplishments of the risk takers

It helps mainstream and perfect their accomplishments

But it doesn’t build any of that … bankers, entrepreneurs, capitalism and Christian ethics built it

The Soviet Union has superb engineers … and nothing to eat … airplanes that felt, cars that broke down, bridges that fell and all doctors got purged

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I fundamentally disagree

Math is insufficient to explain creation

It is a imperfect approximation of reality, that’s why simulated realities always fall short

It cannot explain most phenomena before the fact

And is subject to paradigm shifts constantly … making ir not a … exact science

And the abstract plane of pure equations … is a product of man’s conscience … it does not predate man, it is not a real place because it cannot affect reality.

It’s conclusions although interesting and exciting … are just for human consumption. The universe remains unaffected by it.

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Only Germans should be allowed to be generals

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Do you think you use … 50% … 30% of your schooling ?

I’m in a profession and I can tell you that I only use probably 10% of my schooling on a day to day basis

Most of it is on the job knowledge or specialization

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Hopefully they’ll never become exact sciences

I don’t have a problem with super smart people

I have a problem with he idiots that worship super smart people … for being unaccomplishedly smart

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That’s all I’m trying to say


That some use it as a justification for authority

Math says so … so it must be true

… math says you should fight war this way

… math says you should educated kids this way

… math says you should heal people this way

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