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Teddy Roosevelt was a progressive president that expropriated the private railroad and destroy thousands of jobs in order to favor unions and grab headlines

He was an anti capitalist corrupt asshole with a excellent publicist … and a even more reliable cult following

Yes there were fake news even back then

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It’s ok … at some point you’ll realize why you are more important than who you hate

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You don’t know what true hate is … it will consume you

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There’s more truth in a seed stuck within your teeth, than in all the compendiums of made up Hegelian philosophy

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It’s sad to define who you are by who you hate

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Not religion in general, but Christianity in particular

Marxism among other things insists in the dissolution of the individual Into the group … because most humans are devoid or unworthy of dignity … free will

Christianity dogma dictates that salvation, ergo dignity is at the reach of all humans … yes even a retarded transgender prostitute baby killing satanist

This is a dogmatic claim unique to Christianity … no other religion gives up dignity unconditionally and universally

This is anathema to marxism and socialism

The college professor that convinced you that in order for reality to exist it must be comprehensible by you… had an agenda

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No …

That’s not it

Atheist = the jealous mind cannot accept that there’s a universe of incomprehensible infinity limiting human action

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Is almost as if every large organization staffed by human beings is apt for corruption

Is almost as if men are fallen creatures

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