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Bruh. You've got half a dozen Texans in here trying to tell you what's up and you're just not trying to hear it.

What green shirt did will get you shot in Texas, period.

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He might get charged, but I don't think he'll be convicted.

In Texas castle doctrine applies to your property line, it's not only the domicile. An unwanted person put his hands on the property owner, I don't know what to tell you after that.

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Bad decisions were made on both sides.

In the end it was a legal shooting, and anything after that are just hurt feelings. Kyle over there's going to have to live with his decision, whatever that ends up looking like.

That's how things work out here, Texas ain't for everyone.

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If I refuse to leave your property and threaten you, yes.

You can't just yell "Get off my lawn" and start shooting, there needs to be a reasonable threat present.


It could have gone much better, but the shooter was within his legal right. If you read the article you'll see the police agreed.

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There's a right way to handle these types of situations.

There's a lot of wrong ways also, this was one of those wrong ways.

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You would let somebody onto your property and threaten you right at your front door, and not do anything about it?

Might want to reflect on who the pussy bitch is around here.

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This right here.

Guy could have called the authorities him damn self, instead he took it upon himself to enter another mans property and start threatening people.

Look I wish it would have went better, but it didn't and I'd have probably done the same thing. Maybe not close quarters with a rifle, but it's your right to defend yourself and your property.

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Twitter has suspended me twice, once for saying Kyle did nothing wrong and another time for saying Kyle is a hero.

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I don't see that tweet. Did he delete it, or is this fake?

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Tech bro here too, it's coming and I don't give a shit.

My house is paid off, I've got literally zero debt, have cash in the bank to last a couple years. Bring it bitches!

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So you're saying that white people are superior to blacks and hispanics.

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Like y'all didn't know the Navy was gay. πŸ˜‚

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It's true, Blanco County is 77% White and 13% Hispanic. It's rare to see a black person out here. I mean, there's Dave and that's all I can think of. πŸ˜‚

Dave's awesome BTW, he's helped me with my mower.

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Translation: "I make stupid assumptions and have never been to Texas"

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Yes sir, fine establishment right there. Nice view behind the bar also, if you know what I mean. LOL

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Damn shame, because they make some good beer.

They were talking about Axis and Firemans 4, she noticed they were gone and why he replaced them since they both use the same distributer.

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