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I wept at this point fuck off I love America, and this guy gave everything to save it.

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I agree that the left’s viciously anti-family attitude wrecks our country. Please don’t pressure us that personally know they would not be good parents into parenthood because MAKE MAGA BABIES. I agree the nuclear family makes for a better society, but I would not be happy as a dad, and really feel it would kill me…. I choose to MAGA in other ways. To say nothing about how hostile the legal system is to men right now if I had kids and wifey gets bored and wants money.

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And I thought Democrats smelled bad….on the outside!

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I want the Social Security age to be raised to 70 (for younger people). It needs to be tied to life expectancy when you’re born. Although I would be fine with eliminating the Ponzi scheme altogether.

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He will get endless kickbacks from the DNC or the media. He will get a TV show and millions.

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The only way I’m okay with this is if you’re going after the countries that throw people off buildings simply for being gay. But you’re not, so fuck off.

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