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I also have been loosely looking into rebuilding batteries. I have watched some YouTube videos on guys rebuilding. arteries on the side of the street in India. in a market type area, not just broke down on side of road. he had a trailer full of batteries, was smelting lead and stacking plates between them when reassembling.

if they can do it, and make it work, surely we could?

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God dammit you are fucking stupid. you have clearly not ever purchased or butchered a whole cow.

you do realize they come apart, right? I don't just jam the whole thing in there while it's chewing it's cud.

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the sol-ark provides standard 240v split phase. this is the 120v you are used to at your wall outlet on a single hot leg, or 240 (like your dryer plug) if both hot legs.

so far, it has handled it well. it has not tripped any breakers at the load panel or on the sol ark. anytime we run the compressor or table saw, we make sure the dishwasher is off.

dishwasher is our only other common high drain appliance.

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you're clearly an idiot.

for example. the standard refrigerator we all grew up with in our kitchens, before they got huge in the last 10-15 years was a 16 cuft.

I do home construction and landlording. this is my game. you can't prove me wrong, since we are discussing things I actually do, research, practice and know.

I live this way. you troll on the internet.

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ground mounting your panels is the way.

we used our roof because our current house is in the city and space is an issue.

our new house is being built now. it's on 10 acres. we will build ground mounts there.

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panels are usually good for 10 to 15 years. they said, they can Last a lot longer or shorter. when the begin to degrade, it is usually slowly, as an overall loss I'm efficiency, but they still function.

lifepo4 lithium batteries really can and do last 15 years if not abused. lead acid (what I use currently) are much shorter lived and require much maintenance along the way. I hope i could get 5 years out of mine. that said, I should be upgrading to lifepo4 next year, and won't be using my lead acid to their expectancy. also, I run the dog shit out of my FLA batteries during this summer, so they may have a short lifespan.

new panels are improving each month it seems. I do not buy used panels and would not reccomend it. you don't know the condition to start with (age) and they likely are not shipped with the same insurance and guarantee of arrival.

I am too new to this to know about this new night time tech you speak of. I have looked into wind power, but have decided it simply is not reliable and strong enough to be worth the price and hassle.

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a 14 cuft chest freezer is not "a tiny little thing" one hold a cow with a bit of room left over for game meat and the other holds a hog, several turkeys, chickens dozens of quail and a shit ton of other random items.

you have no idea how old I am, and obviously you have no idea what you are talking about.

you are in way over your head on this topic, and others like it. you, sir, are clearly not prepped, or educated on homesteading.

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FIRST OF ALL: I DO NOT SELL SOLAR EQUIPMENT, OR INSTALL IT. this is my home system and I am only encouraging others to consider ways to be more independent and prepared in case of an emergency.

I am NOT an expert. My wife and I are just homesteaders who seek to be as independent as possible, in all ways. We grow our own fruits and vegetables and raise our own livestock. We began learning about and buying/building/installing our own solar system about 3 years ago. many lessons were learned along the way. as of this March, we finally have a fully functional system that powers about 40% of our household load circuits, in a dedicated solar power load panel. the other 60% are on a seperate grid-fed load panel.

everything I have learned, installed and practice, was self taught from YouTube videos, internet solar chat rooms, good old fashioned books, and hard knocks. I am not an electrician. I am not rich. I have made mistakes. I am a maintenance/construction worker who homesteads and strives for knowledge and self improvment.

First, my critical stats:

2440 watts of solar panels, on roof, currently (ground mount is better)

my charge controller/inverter can handle up to 12,000 watts of panels.

48 volt system. but that is just the battery storage my home is 120/240 volt, just like yours.

I have 300 amp hours storage in 8 trojan 12 volt t-1275 lead-acid batteries. of which, I can use 150 AmpHours without damaging them. (LiFePo4 is better than lead-acid)

my home is not totally off-grid, but my solar system is not "grid-tied" meaning, I do not sell or share my solar power with the electric company. my excess is stored in batteries for my own consumption.

my home is 40% solar powered. I have two load panels in my house. one is the original, which is fed by the grid. the second is in the photo. I installed it. it is fed by the solar system. it has its own seperate set of home circuits that it supplies. it is in no way connected to the other load panel.

solar is not cheap. but it is a luxury when others are without power.

Solar Power will NOT save the earth. Making the materials and mining the minerals and metals used destroys eco systems. look up lithium mining. the damage caused does not recover. Hippies And Greenie-Weenies Will not accept or admit this. they are allergic to FACTS.

we are building a new house on 10 acres. when we move, we will add 3100w of solar panels, and upgrade our batteries from the Lead,Acid we currently use, to LiFePo4 that charge faster, discharge deeper, and last for 15 to 20+ years. they also, are not cheap but again, solar is a luxury now, in case it becomes a necessity later.

our new solar array will be built as a ground mount. the ground mount will be about 6 feet tall. this will allow us to build a very basic storage area under it. probably use it for wood shed and other basic, non weather/temperature critical items.

This entire system was DIY Installed by me, and my wife.


2x 14cuft chest Freezers

2x refrigerators

72" TV

Wife's PS5

Hallway lights

Kitchen Lights


Vent Hood

Bar Outlets

Kitchen Outlets


Bathroom lights

guest bedroom outlets

guest bedroom fan/lights

Garage lights

Garage door opener

Garage outlets (2hp 25 gal air compressor)

back yard outlet (runs electric rototiller, table saw, etc..)

HVAC Blower fan motor (NOT the condesor/compressor)

THOSE LOAD CIRCUTS ARE ON SOLAR 100% OF THE TIME. that does not mean every single item listed is on and consuming power 24 hours a day. many of those items cycle on/off on their own (refrigerstors) using very little power, most of the time other items are just not turned on by us very often (dishwasher, compressor, table saw etc...)

for example: if we want to run the table saw, we do it during peak solar hours (daylight) and check to see if the dishwasher or some other high drain item is already on. that said, it is rarely a concern. we don't live in fear of our solar electricity. we don't constantly think about it. we just have to know what is going on, if we want to use a high drain.

MANY PEOPLE HERE CANNOT COMPREHEND THAT SOLAR POWER IS A VIABLE NON-HIPPIE-DIPSHIT OPTION. as such, they cannot stand that I post facts about it or promote it as an option, supplement or alternative to grid power.

do your own research. maybe solar is not for you. maybe it's too hard to install. maybe you do not want to do maintenance on it (check/add water to acid batteries) or maybe you don't want to have to think about load strain, or maybe you just have a personal vendetta against anything you see as being "hippie planet green weenie bullshit"... that's fine. I'm just here to talk about my situation, what interests me, and answer a question or two if I can.

For what it is worth, I hate Greta, hippies, AL Gore, commies and their ilk too, just like you. I just want to have power if the grid malfunctions, and my solar system lets me have that ability.

My truck burns gasoline. my generator burns propane, and I don't give a shit about my "carbon footprint".

of ANY of it makes you uncomfortable for ANY REASON... You don't have to get into it. solar systems may not be for you. SOLAR POWER SYSTEMS REQUIRE USER PARTICIPATION AND KNOWLEDGE.

I am not here to make you uncomfortable or tell you this is the way.

MY SYSTEM AS INSTALLED cost me about $8,500. BUT I got my panels for FREE because of a vendor fuck up. that is about $2,000 worth of panels I did not pay for.

Last year, September Electric bill before system: $233.78 / 1747kWh

This Year September electric bill, after system: $115.56 / 757kWh

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these are actually very small.

last year our bulbs were about 3x this size. not sure what happened to this round. probably just extreme heat.

we compost, water and hand check for pests. so it's not for lack of love. some years are just better than others.

everyone in our area has had a rough year of it, this go-round. pepper and tomato yields are way down for everyone. that us kind of my barometer for garden health.

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that is what we will install in the new home.

currently we have a 3 ton central Bryant unit. it cannot run on the solar. the blower fan runs on solar, but the compressor is on grid.

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yes. 40% of my home circuits are on solar. that is what I listed.

the other 60% are on a grid panel box.

guess what... I don't give a shit if you believe me or not. I will be happy, safe, warm and fed if shit goes south.

you probably rent in some city, and have nothing worth guarding or protecting, and no knowledge on what to do to improve.

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I don't give a shit if you believe me or not.

guess who is safe, secure and supplied in a SHTF scenario?


and I won't be worried about some anon from an internet forum.

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I have heard of enphase, but have not researched them. I have decided on Fortress Eflex batteries for our upgrade at the new house.

I don't know much about micro inverters.

to be clear and honest, my solar knowledge is beginner grade, at best.

I only know the operation of my system and the overall basics of general home solar theory.

I learn more each week. I watch videos and browse chat rooms. I read articles online.

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I don't know what the real payback time frame will be on our system. we have had months where we were $30 lower than same month before solar system.

this month, we were $112 lower than before we had solar.

it does much better in the fall, spring and winter. summer is hard on the system, because it is running so many refrigerators and freezers. there have been times when we had to switch our kitchen refrigerator back to grid, on the hottest days of summer, when we were also having cloudy sky for days on end.

I want to expand, but will not do it until we can pay cash up front, and not until we get moved into the new house.

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yes, "all that stuff" listed is in the solar system ALL THE TIME. most of it cycles on and off on its own, normally ie: refrigerators.

what I mean about "not on all the time" is we don't go around and turn every saw, compressor, light , dishwasher, TV and Playstation on at the same time.

we live "normally" we just have to be aware of what time of day (sun) it is and what power we have available to use.

overnight, we make sure to use less.

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the dude above you knows nothing about me or my system.

reread my post. ut lists everything i run on solar, and my post history goes into more detail about how.

I don't bullshit. I try to help others become more independent.

all my listed shot runs solar, but NOT ALL ON AT THE SAME TIME. no one is going to run all of that at the exact same time. refrigerators cycle on and off on their own, and we don't turn on every single light and appliance in the house and same time.

solar requires you to be aware and participate.

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all of the listed circuits in my "it runs" post are ON SOLAR.

I don't sell ANYTHING solar related. I am a buyer and end user.

read and re-read before assessing.

yes, I still have some incoming grid power. about 50% to 60% of my home is on grid. but the 40% that is NOT on grid is what is in my list, in the comment section of this post.

ALL of my CRITICAL loads are solar.

re-read and digest my shit before you comment.

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panel could use some tidying up.

however, it's not a fire risk just because you can see the wires.

bad connections and frayed cables cause fires. fires don't happen because something isn't pretty.

connections are good. cables are double insulated. nothing goes near that panel, so there is no movement. no movement = no cause for fray or loosening.

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Sol-Ark sells all of their models in an EMP hardend option.

that does not include your panels, but there are apparently ways to fortify them and the batteries as well.

I have not addressed that yet, in our system. our next sol-ark will be EMP hardend. I will begin looking into fortifying the rest of the system as well, at that point.

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