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one of the few jokes i actually know: Why don't Mexicans and blacks have kids? They don't want their kids to be too lazy to steal. :D

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Dear women, if you ever wonder why men are sexist...it's because you're fucking stupid. i present this as evidence

most inspirational females:

  1. a female who's never done shit (tranny?), but is known for who she married
  2. a female that plays dress up and pretend, with no other skills, that's a hollywood degenerate
  3. a female that actually contributed to society

and yea i know there's some good women out there, just speaking generally

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I like Vivek's message for the most part; he says what a lot of us are thinking. Taking him serious as a political candidate at a federal level should be a litmus test in whether or not you're allowed to vote. All these people thinking we should actually elect him president are fucking retarded. Put him in as a state rep, then maybe governor, then maybe president and i'll change my mind

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say what you want about Muslims, i feel like Christians could learn a thing or two from their conviction

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you know the pope is bought an paid for when he gets directly involved in national politics...violating the tenets of his own religion no less

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correct me if i'm wrong, I can only speak for the US, but this kind of dress doesn't violate any dress codes that i can remember

I feel like this is being done to incite conflict

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the democrats don't win because they harvest votes, they win because they illegally harvest and fabricate shitloads of votes from corrupt voter rolls; you can't beat them without cheating, and they own the justice system so they will catch you cheating and jail you; your options are: fix the elections or revolution (and whatever federal agent is reading this: fuck your mother)

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i've been saying for years now that when i imagine the future, i see a half naked man with a gun over his shoulder, chained up in a gulag swinging a hammer saying, 'they better not come for our guns...'

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a candidate can allocate 15% of campaign donations to the cost of running the campaign; many candidates use this to ~legally pay family members for helping with the campaign and others

i was under the impression that he has been giving this 15% in total to his wife in every single campaign he's ever been in going back to the 60s or whenever he started someone can fact check me on this please, cuz i might be wrong

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i'm from Alabama, never liked Nascar but i have been to some drag shows (not even going to clarify, i want you to just let it out in the replies xD) but my friend and i used to call Nascar the 'revolving yellow pages' now i will say ive been to Talledega twice (for free) and i did have a good time, and there's is nothing quite comparable to being right next to the track, in the stands, when all those cars go roaring by but watching it on tv to me is like watching golf xD

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i'll give an example...they knew Runbeck was running the ballots long before election day in AZ 2022...they should've done everything possible to get an insider in that operation before the election, literally all energy should've been focused there; if we had an insider in Runbeck for that election, the whole lid could've been blown off all of this easy peasy; or if not have someone willing, extort the fuck out of someone in there, sorry but i'd rather bend the rules than watch our country burn to the fucking ground

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tell me about one honey pot that was set...name one the good guys need to hire some criminals to catch criminals and play their game against them... to put simply not counting witnesses (which is basically their word); most of the 'evidence' includes a lot of assuming so to speak that's why we still haven't had a single legitimate audit on signatures we need James O'Keefe combined with Batman level tactics here; not just 'vote harder'

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there's only 2 ways to combat this...fix the elections, or catch them red handed x100 and/or extort whistleblowers

that's it folks, i was screaming this before 2022...and was pissed right after 2020 that this wasn't part of the strategy for that election

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this kind of shit pisses me off; we know they're cheating, we know how they're cheating...but we keep losing because of how we're voting; this is serious cognitive dissonance, reminds me of battered wife syndrome

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pfft u should see some of his later responses, called whites parasites and some other insanely racist shit, he wants to wipe out whites and is pretty open about it

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i was born in 1980, i saw none of this and i grew up in the south; i'll give you an example, again i was raised not to see color and i didn't (that came much later in life) when i was a senior in high school i worked at a local Marriott (200+room), most of my coworkers and bosses were black, we got along great, i looked up to them, they were my friends; i got a scholarship to Ole Miss and i was excited to go to college, i went around the hotel telling my friends i'd worked months with about my scholarship and i would be leaving for college; they all looked at me different and proceeded to tell me what a racist school it was etc. Long story short there was no racism at that school in fact they were bending over backwards for the blacks students and PR, etc. to try and erase a stigma that was still going after decades; from everything i've seen in my lifetime, the whites are still trying to end the racism and the blacks are still trying to keep it alive (not counting white liberals)

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if that's true than i understand, why did the blacks of the greatest generation raise their kids to hate whites and be victims while the whites of the greatest generation raised their kids to NOT be racist and NOT be victims?

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to be fair i am Artfu1D0dger, but i'm not going to respond to this garbage rant

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if DeSantis really cared and wasn't a career self-serving politician; he would stayed in FL worked in making Florida better and endorsed Trump and MAGA candidates; in my opinion strong governors are what we need, Kari Lake losing that election hurt us bad because she was the only one that was going to take back her state's sovereignty and give the feds the finger, that's why they had to shut her down at all costs; our governors are still riding the fence, all of them

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these replies are hilarious the answer: it's how your raised i was on the internet before the internet, i was building pc at 12 and dialing into BBS' i had all the access i wanted to porn at a very young age; sure i might have looked at it a little, but i was always so busy with other interests - sports, school, work, real girls i spent way more time learning how to make fake ids when i was 16 than look at porn xD you're never gonna stop kids from getting their hands on porn, parents couldn't do it back when it was just magazines raise your kids right, be a good example, foster their interests and hobbies, school, etc. teach them how to have relationships with real women, and porn won't be interesting to them

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same, also no ink

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