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See, words = Butthurt & Physical violence to these weak ass soy-bois and the feminist cunts.

They need more cry closets and safe spaces where they can shit and piss into cat litter boxes.

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They're yapping shit about a Civil War?

NO. You motherfuckers...the next war will be a REVOLUTIONARY war.

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If you MUST post a pic, make sure you scrub the EXIF data from your images.

And NEVER use the same pseudonym across platforms. You can be bread crumbed with it and eventually doxxed.

EDIT: Download an exif cleaner for android here: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.jarsilio.android.scrambledeggsif/

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I've said it before....


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IF Trump is charged with something; that would not prevent him from running or holding office until he is CONVICTED of it.

Trump could use a legal strategy to drag this shit out in court forever with all of his fuck-you money.

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This could go two ways; if Trump is charged with something; that would not prevent him from running or holding office until he is CONVICTED of it.

Trump could use this same legal strategy to drag this shit out in court with all of his fuck-you money.

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Same here.

Plus it's faded and tattered to hell, adding more visual to the state of our distress.

And it's gonna fucking stay that way if/until this country ever unfucks itself.

If not, next one to go up will be the black flag.

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OP, sadly you're right.

They didn't raid his shit over some pussy-ass warrant for a buncha nothing, to try and intimidate him - cuz they already know that doesn't work.

Oh...you can bet your ass that they're going to "find" SOMETHING , and it was already written into that search warrant.

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I agree.

The second technical pronouncement of death - after a heart stops, is lack of brain activity. You brain-dead and you're now grave-yard-dead and plugs get pulled on your ass.

I'm not knowledgeable about fetal gestation, but that unborn child, MAY have detectible brain activity, even before it's heart starts beating [or after], since the life giving nourishment and blood supply is coming from the mother via umbilical cord.

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It requires more energy to keep a larger temp differential. Raising the temp of your ac will use less energy.

Not trying to be a dick, I'm truly curious - but if you raise your thermostat during the morning/day to say 85+, then when you get home [or suffer through 85+ temps while at home - such as weekends] and you want to cool it back down to say 76-79, that is also a huge 8-9 degree temperature differential, which makes your compressor cycle on 100% until the desired temp is reached, until it cools not just the ambient air and removes any humidity, but also has to cool everything in your home that has heat-sinked and is still releasing all of the radiant heat it's gathered throughout the day.

My point is, of course, depending on MANY factors including efficiency of your AC unit, where you live, the R-value of your insulation, size of your home, amount of natural shade, etc - Is it not more efficient to set your stat to a reasonable temp such as 78-80 and let your AC cycle on/off periodically all morning/day to "top off" your desired temp? Then kick it down a few degrees to 76-79 when you get home to make it quickly comfy for evening/sleeping?

I'm no thermo-dynamics expert, but having your AC cycle full blast to get a hot house down to a comfy temp in just a few hours seems counter-productive.

Anyone smarter than my dumb ass with thoughts?

FFS, I'd really like to know, My elec. bill was $350 last month and my fucking AC has been running basically 22/7 just to keep it 81F in the early evenings, and running down to a cool 76f at night for sleeping at 8-9pm....2 ceiling fans, and 5 air fans running constantly for circulation....LOL!

Look, anecdotally; where I live it's been 100F+ but low humidity, for nearly 2 months straight. I've already tried the ole, cut it back in the daytime [84f+ and sweat my ass off as we work from home], only to discover that bumping the stat down cooler, it could NEVER get cooled down by the early evening west sun heat, and we sweat our asses off in the evening and trying to sleep in 81F+ on a good day. The fucking walls were warm and heat sinking....Fans just blowing hot hair around.

Fuck. I'ma move to Alaska if I have to. LOL!

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If I were that father, I'd either be in jail or on the run for committing at least two capital crimes.

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