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As a straight, white, male, I guess can take one step backward for #9.

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I’m not particularly pleased with Dinesh’s attention to detail with this one.

He made glaring mistakes which will completely undermine the message.

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The point is, Dinesh presented the map in the film as thought I was the map of Gwinnett County, which it is not.

Thus, he presented information that was not true. Why?

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Here’s a question about 2000 Mules…

Why did Dinesh use a map of Moscow, and call it Gwinnett county, instead of using the actual map of Gwinnett County?

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“I’m contrast…”

  • Russian elections are rigged.” (2020?)
  • “political opposites are imprisoned…”. (Jan 6th)
  • “or otherwise prevented from participating in the electoral process (censorship & cancelling)

Uh huh.

They’re laughing at us.

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Except that Oz has had too many smooth-brain takes.

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Are we going to start calling them “truths?”

Truth Social is a gawd awful name. Absolutely atrocious.

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And the dollar shave club commercial was a rip off of a scene in a movie. I forget which one, but most people do, which is why dollar shave club’s commercial seemed original.

To that point, so did Jeremy’s Razors. We’ve seen the format before, but it was over the top spitting in the face of woke, while also being family friendly. 10/10.

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Old Spice’s best: https://youtu.be/nOjDIfRLgo4

15 years ago. Things have gone woke, and thus turned to shit in the meantime.

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Ist definitely censored on DDG. Autocomplete clearly shows patriots.win, but searching for it returns everything except patriots.win.

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Target is a favorite store for chicks, and chicks are easily manipulated by propaganda, so Target is just trying to satisfy its propagandized customer base.

This problem will not go away until women wake the fuck up, which probably won’t happen until they’ve done permanent damage to themselves (and society).

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The problem with Dishen’s films, and most conservative media, is the over the top, low quality dramatization. Like Christian films. They’re cringe. Granted, it’s wholesome, family cringe, unlike disturbing, soul destroying cringe the left pumps out, but it’s still off-putting to people we’d need to see the message.

Anyway. 2000 Mules is 20 mins of worthwhile material squeezed into 90 mins.

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I read a “fact check” article about 2000 Mules.

They pointed out that True the Vote only focused on states where ballot harvesting is illegal, but not the others.

Can you image that? They only focused on investigating the locations where a crime was committed, but not the states where no crime was committed?

They mysteriously skipped investigating non crimes. What kind of nut job doesn’t investigate something that isn’t a crime? Weird.

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Penmanship suggests a female did the graffiti.

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We’re at war, after all.

World Meme War II. And here we thought The Great Meme War of 2014-2016 was going to be the meme war to end all meme wars.

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Dollar cost averaging if you are like most and can’t predict (or create) the bottom.

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