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Yeah, but they got consessions that basically made the Freedom Caucus House Speaker.

They can veto ANY bill and kick McCarthy out if he goes against MAGA.

It's an overall win.

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They know Whites can defeat them, which is why we must be divided and subverted at all costs.

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AKA mutilating children and shipping them off to pedos (many of whom enjoyed watching the kids fornicate with each other).

Oy, will humanity ever learn?


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It's all a scam. ALL of it.

We couldn't possibly comprehend the creator of the universe.

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That's the goal. The plebs gotta die so the kid-fucking Satanists can inherit the earth.

You know, because they haven't raped us hard enough.

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Along with many comments.

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The solution is more Trumps. The intelligence community's only power is intimidation.

It's a mob. You can swallow them up with sheer numbers, but getting people motivated is the problem, especially when they have careers, families, and access to 24/7 "bread and circuses".

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"One day, my spirit will rise from the grave, and the world will know I was right."

Notice how his final letter wasn't spiteful or threatening. He was trying to avoid plunging humanity into the nightmare future we're all currently living in, but failed. Bolshevik propaganda won out, as Westerners were lulled to sleep over multiple generations.

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McConnell is worse than McCarthy, but they're both deliberately destroying this country.

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Really makes you do a big THINK 🤔🤔🤔

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The sentiment is accurate.

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Being historically literate is painful because you realize you're fucked.

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