I've marked my calendar as National Share FBI Crime Stats With Your Friends Day instead, also fuck this country and fuck Republicans aka traitors who deserve nothing less the tar and feathering.


inb4 HURRR U USE FBBB REEETARDD, fuck off it's how my entire family communicates and luckily we are all somewhat based let for a few of us. Believe me I've tried to push the alternatives.

Want to know if anyone else has experienced this so we can gage it. I follow completely conservative / right wing pages and groups on FB, and a few very select friends from school that aren't shit head liberal faggots or retarded normies with BLM profile pics. I have NEVER followed anything mainstream or left marxist leaning publication ever.

I recently got banned for 15 hours for literally saying Chauvin was innocent, and when I came back, the last few days of "suggested groups" / content / ads have literally all been for pro-BLM, "Marxist Memes", anti-Asian hate, VERY very very specific activist suggestions. Doesn't how may times you mark these as irrelevant or spam or hide OR block them, a new one just shows up in it's place.

I'm wondering if this is unique to being banned or is happening to any of the rest of the few pedes who still use FB insufferably. If I could find a way to get this to show up on my family feeds I would. I have a feeling it won't be long and finally we can make the jump to non Silicon Valley pinko faggot platforms .


How the fuck can you be guilty of voluntarily AND involuntarily killing someone? I'm barely leagalese over here, any pedes that now for sure? Seems like a fucking dead giveaway the whole thing will be appealed, doesn't make sense.


I think a lot of pedes are shortsighted when it comes to the third party angle. It's ineffective and splintering is not an attractive quality to the retard average American voter, especially when the media / big tech falsely tell them 24/7 that Dems provide familiarity and comfortability.

A third party literally leads to a split that got Woodrow Wilson and Bill Clinton into office.

The only REAL answer is secession from the Federal States of America. And by secession I mean a legislature induced secession by true liberty-loving Republican states into a new union with the correct strategic resources and geographical assets.

FIRST secession, THEN war - if it must be.


To my knowledge no tweets, no facebook posts, no nothing said anything about rioting or invading the Capitol. In fact he was tweeting the exact opposite, get OUT of the Capitol. Is the Left referring to when he instructed them to march down to the Capitol? That's it?

SEEMS LEGIT (media.patriots.win)
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Most everyone in the chat thought I was trolling, but after repeating Bidens comments on kids chopping their genitals off, the guy came back minutes later saying HOLY SHIT HE REALLY SAID THAT. Rest of chat was a mad dash of cucks trying to convince him it's out of context or that 8 year olds really do have that right (LOL) and the guy signed off without saying a word.

Pretty fucking funny to see these gamer gate fags seething at losing another one to at the very least NOT voting for Biden. A longshot but at least I had fun doing it.

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