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Who is this person calling Zelensky a nazi when they're jewish?

he'll call him gay but not jewish?

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Women should not be judges. This isn't the first time I've hear dof something like this happening.

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This is what kind of blindness self-righteousness leads to.

I'll admit, I didn't read through the replies but I consider doing so under a Trump post on reddit as a form of self-harm, and I know enough about reddit that they ar emost definitely throwing shade and acting high-and-mighty about this; ironically exposing themselves for the spineless, mean, little cowards they are.

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I'm not saying it's guaranteed but don't get expectations up that this is going to be a clean, transparent election.

Be somewhat prepared for more shady shit this time around.

You may be needed to shine the light of truth on corruption again

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Hot dogs maybe, but I don't think ice cream could be described as ultra-processed.

If you want to talk about ultra-processed look at seed oils and how they produce canola oil.

by Visic
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I wonder if anthing interesting will come of this,

This isn't breaking news, though.