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I, along with a few other people I know recovered in 2 days with no medication taken.

This virus is bizarre, crazy, and unusual... some would say even unnatural.

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What's crazy is these people estimate the outcome at around 30% or less counted, but then their polling is wrong, their stats are wrong, their modelling is wrong.... but you should totally trust that they'd get the final outcome right.

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IDK about the most. China is the most populous country in the world and their population is like 95% Han Chinese on purpose. Also China has probably the biggest diaspora in the world.

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We also have 2 stupid concepts built into us because of public education.

1: That home schooled kids are socially undeveloped. They're not fucking locked in their homes all day, every day. There are things like activities, camps, sports groups, playgrounds/skateparks. And they get all of these social interactions while avoiding the absolute trash that is school culture. Besides the insane levels of bullying that can happen (most is just basic, some of it/can be extreme abuse), the worst habits a well-parented kid develops is from their friends. ALWAYS. I don't care how hard you try to keep them away from garbage, all it takes is 1 crap friend to ruin all that parenting.

2: "Oh I didn't know that, I didn't learn that in school." You don't just learn things inside of school. That isn't a valid excuse for any lack of knowledge about something. As Mark Twain said, "never let schooling get in the way of your education."

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Honestly if any moron ever raises that in a general conversation I have to remind myself to pretend to be a leftie and say "$15?? That's not enough, cost of living is expensive. It needs to be at least $30-45 an hour, to get people above the poverty line"

Maybe If I can tell they're really dumb and would probably just nod at that I should say "why not 100$ per hour??"

... at some point there has to be a number where they understand, right?

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What's hilarious is these people are so damn condescending towards the rest of us I guarantee her White House trip will be them sucking up to her, bribing her, and/or telling her the same "safe & effective" 1 liner we hear all the time.

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LMAO. Fucking Hasan the multi millionaire commie who hasn't produced or created anything tangible or of failure his whole life.

People mock AOC for her stupidity and hypocrisy but that guy is far, far worse.

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The FDA runs their approval checks for Pfizer products like they're an ad for loans, mortgages, and insurance.

"What's the emergency?"

"Well, 0.00000001% of kids might get sick from this virus and you can distinctly tell which ones are more vulnerable to it, therefore we need to vaccinate all 5-11 year olds"

"Approved. Approved. Approved! APPROVED!!"

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Still doesn't shit on your meme, Milley would still definitely tell them where, when, how, how many.

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She already said she'll be taking it when concert venues force her to so that she can go on tour.

Doesn't matter, her taking it or not taking it isn't positive of this. Her showing millions of her fans that the media is manipulative, hypocritical, lazy, and a bunch of liars is the positive of this.

You will never entirely agree with someone else, so don't bother nitpicking the faults. Focus on the positive, and any action that results in people having doubts about what the media says is an overall good action.

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See, that's half decent.

Imagine thinking everyone should understand your sarcasm or dry jokes at all times, over text on the internet, with no tones, expressions, or pacing to add context.

You must be full of brilliant thoughts.

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The US is founded expressly in a way where not only are states meant to be the most influential governments, but they're also very capable and within their right to separate. It's the major failure of the Civil War in that now people's perception is states seceding is either unlawful (it isn't) or, from the left's perspective, the only reason to separate is to carry out unlawful actions or racism or whatever and not have to be held accountable. Both are nonsense.

The burden is ON YOU to explain how that will produce any change in the abuse.

... by separating and not being subject to (direct) US federal government influence or control. Come on, this is basic.

Say you do it. You secede. The US still has a Bill of Rights - but it doesn't apply to you. The voters would have been afraid of outright Civil War II - sure. But now the people selling you and children don't have to have a civil war. They don't even have to have a "Police Action". When they come through your country, killing and manipulating and selling off whoever they want - why tell anyone they're even doing it?

And who then is the guilty/evil party here in that situation. Would leftists like that scenario? Sure. But people here already talking about how they'd use their guns against the government showing up to their doors with illegal actions. At least there would be a unifier in this instance (the state) as opposed to them picking people off one by one with what they already do, garbage warrant after garbage warrant.

Also the Patriot Act is already being amended to include domestic threats. Guess who those will be?? The Bill of Rights is already violated on a daily basis. The only amendment of the 10 from the BoR that isn't broken is the 3rd, and governments nowadays have no need to ever shelter their military in your home. And the illegal warrants would already be the workaround for this anyways.

Go look up Justice Scalia talking about American exceptionalism. He points out that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is just paper. In the end, it's easy and quick for it to mean shit. The USSR "guaranteed" more rights than the US does. But paper is meaningless. Practice is everything. Stop thinking paper will save you when they violate it on a daily basis.

Most of the 1/6 protestors were jailed for months, without possibility of bail, for a charge of trespassing. Some held in solitary for months.

"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress." - Frederick Douglas.

And as a prominent lawyer once said, "we're all breaking the law on a daily basis. They're so many laws on the books that anyone can be nailed through selective prosecution."

You're not winning anything by continuing with the status quo.

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Rekieta is fine. And yes, he's a personality on the right that gives his conservative opinion on things. That's a talking head by the most basic definition.

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But it's largely irrelevant to what they really had said.

You can be wrong about a specific aspect but right in the general sense.

It's like when Politifact "FACT CHECKED!" Trump about something. Trump had said something like 50% but the actual number was like 48.1% (forgot what the comment was about) and they rated it mostly false. I'm sorry, but this specific fact of the number wasn't even the main point of his statement and so pointing out a slight variation did not actually make his statement "mostly false". His main premise was that the number was so damn high or low (it's been awhile, I can't remember the specifics) as opposed to what the media had pretended reality to be.

It's like someone saying illegal immigration is a problem and they say they think there's like 30 million in the country currently illegally and you say, well actually they think it's more like 25 million.... 25 or 30 million, the point still stands. You would've needed the number to be a huge magnitude lower for the argument to stand.

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I used quotations for a reason there.

Some would say they are. Some.

And then those who see through the bullshit know better.

Boris Johnson is a great example of someone who literally does exactly what the left wants all while pretending to be right wing.

Sargon of Akkad's podcast The Lotus Eaters has done a great job of highlighting the absolute undeniable leftism of the conservative party in Britain.

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He means it from her perspective. Obviously who gives a shit if her degenerate crap goes away, but it matters to her obviously since it continues to make her wealthy.

Her music is trash. She's also trash. But her pointing out how the media lies and is lazy is at least a consolation positive.

2 of the most important things to chisel away at is media and school propaganda. Her fans can continue to like her music and there would still be a small silver lining if she redpilled ANY of them about the media. Granted, most celebrity fans are absolutely lost and, while seeing from time to time some obvious media slander against the celebrity they like, they often will gladly eat up media lies about other celebrities, particularly those their followed celebrity dislikes.

For example: Like or dislike Justin Bieber, the fucking retards yelling Selena Gomez at him, 3 fucking years after they broke up and he's gotten married since, are absolute fucking morons with nothing in their lives going for them except being a diehard fan of someone who doesn't even know they exist.

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But the mistake is irrelevant. Is Nick Minaj's music less degenerate than Cardi's???

If his comment was about something in which they have 2 very different views or products or whatever, then sure, pointing out he got the wrong person is part of the point.

But, "hey! You're talking about the degeneracy of this person but think this is about the degenerate Cardi B but this is actually the degenerate Nicki Minaj... so checkmate! You're wrong!!"... isn't a fucking argument!!!!

What you're nitpicking is literally irrelevant to their argument since they're BOTH degenerates.

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Except what difference does it make between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj??? You're nitpicking here for literally no reason and their point still 100% stands regardless of which of the 2 it really is.

Both of them sing about the exact same thing. Why is Cardi B's WAP seen so much worse than Nick Minaj's Anaconda? Or any of her other songs talking specifically about sex. And ya, it's nearly as overt as WAP.

Take these 2 lines as an example:

"This dude named Michael used to ride motorcycles Dick bigger than a tower, I ain't talking about Eiffel's"

... talk about lazy writing, hiding the sexual content in a somewhat clever way would've been to use a clever phrase for dick and then the "I ain't talking about _____" to refer to that. Tower, not talking about Eiffel makes no sense...

More lyrics from that song:

"Come through and fuck him in my automobile"

Wow. I wonder what this means. Ya, nothing as overtly obvious as WAP...

And finally, cause Nicki Minaj is SOOOOO different than Cardi B:

"Real country-ass nigga, let me play with his rifle Pussy put his ass to sleep, now he calling me NyQuil Now that bang bang bang, I let him hit it 'cause he slang Cocaine"


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You're absolutely right. WAP wasn't even age-restricted on YouTube which was pathetic. But Nicki Minaj has plenty of songs just as sexual, we just never made a big fuss about it because they usually try to be "clever" and make their sexual references indirectly or through similes, metaphors, etc... except some of her music is just talking about sex.

What's important about this Nicki Minaj thing is she's calling out the media for being liars. All other issues are secondary to people realizing the media is not to be trusted. Much of their institutional power relies on 2 types of propaganda. Press propaganda, and school propaganda. Chisel (or preferably, smash) at those 2 and you'll be better off in the political and cultural war than with anything else.

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Nicki Minaj is stupid and her music sucks (and industry created anyways) but she's far wittier than the idiot talking heads of Joy Reid and Piers Morgan.

She's also already outplayed Boris Johnson, even though he's far smarter than her. The issue with him is he's become nearly identical to a lefty. It's insane how left-wing the British conservative party has become.

Imagine winning 2 elections and a referendum and still caving more and more to the left. WTF!!!! Absolute cowards and/or traitors.

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She told the story of someone who became impotent and has had testicular issues after the vaccine. It also came out she wasn't vaxed because she wasn't going to the Met Gala which mandated vaccination for attendance.

She has, in the past, said for people to get vaccinated, particularly if it cost them their job if they didn't. Make of that what you will. But at the end of the day, calling her an anti-vaxer is, just like most other cases, stupid. But the media ragged on her, and she's punching back.

I dislike Nicki Minaj's attitude and music, but she's at least more witty than the average person. She's hit back at Joy Reid, Piers Morgan, and Boris Johnson... all 3 Grade A pieces of shit.

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