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As soon as the evidence doesn’t go their way, a water main will break and the trial will have to resume behind closed doors.

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No, they had to steal Georgia.

They used Fulton County to do it because it’s a deep-blue cesspool of Democrats.

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In that photo yes. But now she looks like she’s pushing 40.

That’s what happens when your pregnant mom is a drunk.

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Last year, Engoron referred to Trump as “just a bad guy” in a scathing rebuke to a lawyer arguing that the former president was being unfairly singled out for investigation by James.

“If Ms. James has a thing against him, OK, that’s not in my understanding [of] unlawful discrimination. He’s just a bad guy she should go after as the chief law enforcement officer of the state.”

Wow, so the basis of his legal ruling is literally “Orange Man Bad”. Why hasn’t anyone called for his recusal?

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We’ve known that for years.

The plaque in arteries is mostly made of calcium. How does cholesterol contribute to that?

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Sad. He stole that joke from Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

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I mean… maybe a Democrat with political power?

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You’re allowed to make a legal defense… so long as activist Democrats agree.

The constitution ain’t absolute, Jack!

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They know. The entire point of this ruling was for the headlines as Biden is down in the polls again.

The media will put in a footnote on the 10th page once it’s appealed.

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And apparently the argument here is:

Well, Mar-a-Lago is a historic landmark, so a slumlord can’t just tear it down to build migrant shelters, therefore it’s worth much less!

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Huh, even far-left Newsweek cites various figures that refutes the judge’s claim.

And who cares if Mar-a-Lago has historic restrictions? Does anyone think a potential buyer would purchase it just to tear it all down?

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And Jack Smith is in the process of coming up with indictments for Trump killing Soleimani.

We’re being ruled over by pedos who love terrorists more than America.

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This will be the precursor to Commie land confiscation.

I guarantee it.

“Hey we need your land to build migrant shelters! Here’s $1000, because that’s how much we say it’s worth!”

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