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Is Stacey Abrams a professor, now that her political career is over?

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I'm not the one getting mad over simple questions. I just want to know the name of my supposed favorite commie- and you won't tell me.

What's with the low-effort insults? You're not making your point any clearer that way.

The fact that you keep responding to my comments just shows how much I'm triggering you.

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Fedboi, you are wasting your time on me, and I'm just wasting yours. Can't even tell me who the commie you think I'm defending is.

So let's just cut to the chase. When do I get my free Daniel Defense? It's Sunday Gunday after all.

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"Shut up, stop talking" is something I'd expect from a leftist who can't answer a simple question. (Name the communist you say I'm defending.)

Are you sure you're not some Fed-boi working on a Sunday, since you probably have no church to go to?

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"Everyone I disagree with is a paid shill."

Really. You people keep trying to argue that Stasi is worse than Gestapo. Without realizing that most of us simply want neither.

Have you made your monthly contribution to Azov yet?

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Dude, I just asked you to name the communist you say I'm defending.

Stop getting mad. I'm just letting you voice your thoughts.

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I don't really care if I'm being mocked by the likes of you.

The same way I don't care for the health advice of the quadruple-mRNA'ed, or any affirmation at all from the LGBTQIABCXYZ community.

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And he does this the same time pearls are being clutched over what Kanye said.

Irony at its finest.

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Pfizer’s CEO isn’t even a real doctor, so what makes him any more trustworthy?

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They said that lockdowns helped do that.

Guess what’s coming next…

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