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If that's what you look like topless, keep yer top on if you're trying to attract men.

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Neither moose nor buffalo hate you. They either don't want to interact...or, if they must, it has to be done on their terms.

But you're spot-on about people ignoring the signs. Every critter will tell you when you're being stupid. It's on you to pay attention.

(wildlife photographer here)

edit: that tail up on the buffalo is a pretty good first clue...

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...gonna have a real...good time!

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You'll break your neck on bolt-ons.

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Welcome, newPedes.

Stick around a couple of weeks. Spend some time in "rising" and "new".

You'll be one of us soon.

Life without dissonance is pretty refreshing!

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I shitcan every resume I see using the phrase "over [x] years experience in...".

How to tell me you cannot communicate by not communicating. Oh, and that you're prone to exaggeration, too.

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Now do Gluttony.

The REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE through the blowholes will be deafening.

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If they stay very long, they're gonna wake up and get un-woke.

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This is pretty disgusting on most levels.

One of which is picking Billy Joel, Steve Perry, and Michael Bolton to carry the torch.

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Squaws, wampum, papooses?

So many missed opportunities for her to shine!

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About fucking time for that, too.

As a Westerner, I'm damned tired of the coasts dictating what gets done with 75% of the land in my state.

See also: Sagebrush Rebellion.

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These people are fucking nuts.

Seem like an idiot playing a roulette "system". They keep doubling their bets and losing.

Wish there were some consequences for this idiocy.

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That will kill "luxury beliefs" faster than anything will.

Good post.

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Kudos, pede. It's a leap.

Some of us have been there for decades.

I walked out, ABD, just about 30 years ago for anti-woke, truth matters reasons.

CSB and everyone clapped, of course, but it's a real thing on every front - and I applaud you dropping the veneer and going straight at things. This is the way.

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