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Two different arguments:

  1. Cross is a symbol of oppression.
  2. Jews killed Christ.

Totally unrelated and he conflates them. Really bad rhetoric.

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Any brand on any clothing is cucked, imo.

Sometimes hard to avoid, but walking around like a billboard tells me something about you.

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That part caught me, too.

Here's the thing: I'm my own source of funding. And my ideas come from paying attention and reading history.

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Whether it's 2022 or 2024, what we DO know is that "black lives matter" only periodically and conveniently - only when expedient for the agenda.

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What a fucking joke Canadia has become.

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She misspelled treason.

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Any sport which disallows the use of our opposable thumbs (ahem, soccer...), can be played by cattle.

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T H I S is where we get stuff done.

Way, way, way more important than working for RINOs in the general elections.

If you're going to throw energy at a race or a seat, do it in the primaries. Otherwise, all is prettymuch lost.

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It's easy to overlook flaws.

It's lots harder to overlook doubling and doubling and doubling down on stupid for ego's sake.

"Oops" from him would be a good start.

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Not every Republican you can hit swinging a dead cat was CEO of the Carlyle Group.

And not every corporation is like the Carlyle Group.

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I'm still doomin' about him. You don't get to be CEO of Carlyle Group if you're not swampy.

He'll show his true colors sooner or later, I predict.

Kudos for the first few days, though!

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Until Ralph Lauren group bought it. Now it's just yuppie shit and the quality has gone down down down and the prices are up up up (and it was expensive as hell before it was sold).

Get the old stuff that doesn't say "filson" on the buttons.

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Romney won't win again in Utah.

I doubt he'll run again. He's gonna get Chaney-ed. (Liz, not pappa with the shotgun.)

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Fuck Ariat.

Boots with American flags on them with "made in China" labels. Hard pressed to find Ariat boots made in Mexico, let alone the U.S.

Pretenders. I wouldn't care so much where they were made, but they put our flag on damned near every pair of boots. Asshoe.

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That was my take day of, too. And still is.

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