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Man, I can still hear that fart

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Long lines are the opposite of what you want in a bank run. That actually helpsthe bank

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Speak for yourself.

These banks are clearly evil and are anti-American.

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I've taught in high schools in inner-city Ohio - the "Nice One", Fort Hayes in Columbus.

There's no discipline at all, kids are arrested in mid-class (I was there for half a year and it happened to me 3 times), teachers are blamed by obviously corrupt administration, "kids" as old as 22 are being given a chance (which they squander) to get a high school degree, kids threaten teachers regularly, the white kids actually try but have mostly given up because they can't learn with gorillas literally dancing on desks next to them, the black kids mostly haven't ever learned how to read, and on and on.

It was for my graduates in education degree. I gave up for many reasons, but mostly because literally every teacher hates every other teacher, and everyone feels like they're being spied on all the time. This is true in every district.I've taught in, even the creme-de-la-creme, like Dublin, Ohio.

I need to find a way to start a home-schooling system with other kids my children's age.

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