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Answer to last question: NO.

A Christ follower trusts and obeys the one true God.

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Sorry, sir (sex assuming, I am). Now think of the human beings who needlessly died because they didn't get the therapeutics they needed. They let people die!

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Trump will "amnesty" some too. He almost did. Point is, despite "some" amnesty nonsense, or wall building (good) , Hispanics are largely conservative and will vote for God, family, country. Ghetto Hispanics and elitist leftist "latinx" Hispanics are as lost as white liberals.

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Just his and the elite's way of obfuscating and covering up.

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Macro-evolution is a fairytale for adults. Brought to you by the "experts".

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Whoa. We have different understandings of the true church!

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Smart man. See also J. Gresham Machen.

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There are true churches and false churches. Choose a true church. There are more pure churches and less pure churches. Choose a more true church. Here are some guides:

  1. Regulative principle of worship
  2. 5 solas
  3. TULIP
  4. Confessional

Resources: https://www.monergism.com

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From the apex (head of the snake) to the promoters at the bottom (rattle). Ultimately, however, this is a spiritual war between the kingdom of light and darkness. It is not enough to say that the election was stolen (it was and we should shout it to the moon), but we must assert that there is objective truth and that Christianity is the only way forward for America.

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I can so relate. I really struggle with getting angry at these sheep. Lord help me.

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