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You had us at the beginning!

Hilarious! Thanks Pede!

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It was either Bush Cheney or Gore Lieberman

Deepstate trash the lot of them.

Strange to say it, but perhaps we were living in the lesser of two evils. Further proof what an anomaly and phenom Trump was and is.

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Never surrender. Never give up. Refuse to lose. You can't stop us. America is the light in the darkness. You are not forgotten.


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Those fags used to brag so much about how they successfully banned guns after a "mass shooting" and look how safe we are.

We were the conspiracy theorists who said, "well you'll only feel safe until some type of government overreach..." which was met with jeers and laughter.

Brainwashed feel-good normies will never learn.

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You can pay for them, you can file the paperwork and wait years to have each of them come over legally whereby you then become financially responsible for them.

Stop advocating that the taxpayers pay for something that will never affect you and makes you feel good.

We still have something called Freedom of Speech in this country, stop trying to police speech, you think censorship works? The ACLU used to fight the hardest for these neonazi retards to spew their nonsense. Why? Because you protect the speech on the fringes. Now you want to make everyone PC? Who determines what is PC? In some version of the future even mentioning Nagasaki or Pearl Harbor can be hate speech, now surrender your food rations and off to the gulags for you Xir.

Americans first. We don't want to pay $80k per year to resettle people who will by and large dislike us and are by and large a religion which is incompatible with our ideas of the founding of our nation.

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Is our country gone at this point?

A man is being assaulted for trying to get a white woman in a gorilla mask (gorillas = n-word) to stop throwing objects at black man running for governor. The old man who tried to stop her was punched in the face by her, then punched again by another man, then later kicked.

20 media people there with cameras, none did anything.

Where is justice?

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Mods don't sleep, like Chuck Norris, they wait.

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Learned something amazing from BIG Mike Obama's Veiny Cock...the world is a magical place.

Keep winning Pedes!

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Alright boys, stop horsing around and get back to work, we've got a country to save!

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And they will still learn nothing. If we are lucky enough to win WW3, with whatever surviving humans are left on a scorched earth, it will only be 3 generations before the democrat communists are back doing exactly the same thing as they are doing now.

They will never learn, they will never change.

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Mission Accomplished.

Destroying the last places where boys can learn to be men.

No need to learn this evil masculine stuff! Just let Mommy Government fix that for you honey!

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I'm assuming he's referring to the 18th Amendment, Prohibition. But women got the right to vote about 1 year later with the 19th Amendment.

I do know that women supported the 18th overwhelmingly (something like 80%+) so perhaps it was a way to appeal to their future voter base which was doubling.

Anyway, not an expert and would like to know more historical facts about the things women voted for as soon as they were given this right.

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beautiful. I wanna move to WV now.

Beautiful story, beautiful people, America the beautiful.

Thanks Pede Fren OP. Love it! I'll take as much of that as you've got.

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yeah agree in theory for sure. But he is following what Sun Tzu said, showing how you should appear to be weak when strong and appear to be strong when weak. Retreat when your opponent advances, advance when your opponent retreats.

It's about winning, not making a moral victory. Larry Elder 100% believes this shit was stolen and the audits will prove it. He needs to win California, a cucked out state that used to be the home of the American Dream. He has to play ball.

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Now Afghanistan can use their amazing new military weapons to help Pakistan fight against India to the west with China as their proxy from the east.

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This is correct. China and the Taliban won't have any issues, at least not at first. China doesn't need to deal with criticism back home from their press or people. Even if the Tailban kill some chinese solders or businessmen, there won't be a peep in the press.

China is building their economy to take that victory. They have no chance of a military victory, so they will wait and let us fall apart. China is a very very old country, they have broken apart and reunited many times. They think in 5, 10, 50, and 100 year plans. Our country thinks in news cycles and at the very best, election years. They know this. Their year is 2049. The year they have conquered the world, their 100 year anniversary. If this happens, god help us all.

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Diversity hires again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. An example of how trying to be kind or "equitable" or some liberal shitbrained idea can lead to actual death and destruction.

Yes, some of these people at the top are literal Alex Jones lizard demons, but the vast majority are misguided easily swayed fools who think what they're doing is good because they have no concept of Chess or thinking several moves in advance.

Giving poor people a lot of shit sounds nice, but all it does is force charity under threat of violence from those who produce and those who receive the charity do so with no gratitude and always want more and now can't nor want to provide for themselves.

Easily summed up as: SOUNDS NICE. DOESN'T WORK.

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RabidZoo "How about we just kick their fucking asses?"

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Obama already took that crown. But I think Jimmy the cuck has slid into a healthy 3rd place now with Biden rapidly surpassing Barry as maybe not quite as evil, but highly more incompetent and corrupt. He's been bought and sold for years, as is his family.

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Ooof!! WEW LAD

that's right. Even farther back, The gilded age!

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