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Good point. I can appreciate a sick burn and a great meme, but after the stolen election our republic is now on life support, mid terms are coming in 10 months, no law outlawing mail in ballots or electronic voting machines, no voter ID, the heartbeat is slowing.

Who will lead our country to victory over the big tech and deep state tyrants?

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I want the live stream of the first incident of violence or crime and how they handle it. Will they create a police force, will that force get too much power and subjugate them? Or will it be like the mafia, where they don't stop the criminals, and now the criminals subjugate them?

But I'm sure if they just asked really nicely, that one guy won't rape your kids, and the other guy won't take your property, because you don't have any property to begin with, and it's not rape, it's just a different preference and it is totally valid and if you disagree you are a bigot. The powers of good will overcome the evil if we all just hold hands and do tarot readings.

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Let me read your future, you're going to slowly devolve into chaos when the food/water supply runs out and you find out that the "higher ups" are hoarding it for themselves. Next everyone begins to get sick and a few of you may even die. You will either return to civilization (I hope we don't let you back) or you're going to starve to death. Now dig the new toilet hole.

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This is an absolute classic.

These people are so delusional. You'd think one of them would have actually read a history book considering how many want to be librarians.

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120 Minutes was pretty legendary for Indie as well.

Also, in the beginning MTV2 was a godsend.

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Think what we could do with those trillions if spent on us? AMERICA FIRST

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Make them fire you. Then later sue the hell out of them for all lost wages. Cripple these bastards.

NEVER GIVE UP PEDE! God has your back. We will win!

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OMG! That smells like Big Foot's (BIG MIKE'S) DICK!

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I think communism is still illegal in this country. They're using our laws against us until they're in power, and then they will take them all away.

We need someone with the social media power and strength of Trump, the balls of Alex Jones, and the ideas of McCarthy to root them out and implement the America First agenda. (Really liking what I'm seeing from Paul Gosar)

Make Communism illegal again. End the Department of Education. End all forms of affirmative action. No taxpayer funded handouts. People are free to donate to charity. "If you do not work, you shall not eat." Let them work and earn their way.

Close the border. Immediately shut down and jail business owners/managers who hire illegals and levy tremendous fines. Give invaders 3 months to self deport. Then find, fine, and jail the rest, then deport. If caught committing immigration fraud or entering illegally, revoke ability to ever enter the US.

Make it illegal for foreigners to own residential property. No foreigner can own 50%+ of a business. Give all foreigners 6 months to sell all US property holdings.


I think this is a good start, what else to add?

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I'm 100% for Trump unless he declines to run. However this is a brilliant idea and much like the Dems were forced to add all Bernie's commie nonsense, the RINO cuckserves will be forced to add this based brilliance to the platform.

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Shut up Easter-Worshiper!

Kwanzaa is as American as Apple Pie.

Diversity is our Strength, just like Ignorance. War is Peace, duh.

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Fuck 'em. We're gonna win.

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Then let that man step up and prove he can take the onslaught. You are talking in hypotheticals.

If he is too afraid to rear his head and throw his hat into the ring now when we are seeing the communist takeover and stolen election happen in real time, then he isn't fit to lead.

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Trump has Dragon Energy, he doesn't sleep, he hasn't lost a step, he's only gotten wiser and better at his job, he knows how deep the swamp goes.

We should hire the best man for the job. If there is anyone who can dethrone Trump, then have at it. Take a shot at the king. But for now (STILL YOUR PRESIDENT) and in 2024 Trump is the man to lead and the man who knows how to get it done.

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Funny how Whites are considered the default vanilla race and not allowed to take part in the 31 flavors "People of Color" party.

In Clown World the most colorful group of people are not allowed to be part of the people of color club.

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This is the true answer. We don't care where you are from or what you look like particularly. I don't know about you pedes, but a beautiful girl is a beautiful girl, and a handsome guy is a handsome guy.

It's not that we're cold and indifferent, but race to us has always seemed irrelevant. ("YT PEEPO" actually listened to Martin Luther King Jr. and put his words into practice) We care about who you are as a person. Americans are individuals. Shame on us for trying to "civilize" the rest of the world into our way of thinking. I suppose all other countries need their own MLK in order to catch up.

Those fools are teaching us that the only way for us to survive is by turning into the xenophobe bigots they accuse us of being.

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You're as American as they come man, don't let anyone tell you any different.

I do agree with some of the above posters that a moratorium on all immigration (for at least a while) in order to allow people to actually assimilate is the only way forward.

Adding between 0.5 and 1% of our population as immigrants every year for almost 60 years...it has nearly reached its breaking point. As mentioned earlier, when other countries fall, they all run to America, if America falls, there is no place left to run.

This is it.

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We used to keep what we do in our personal lives (and bedrooms) to ourselves. But now, boring losers who have nothing else to make themselves standout use their sexuality as their defining character trait.

I don't know Scott, but I'd imagine if he were to list important characteristics or traits about himself, he would put "gay" somewhere pretty far down the list.

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"Abraham Lincoln was a fag."

HAHAHAHA True or not, this is hilarious.

Counter point: Could you imagine if 150 years in the future they use Lady Gaga's twitter as evidence Donald Trump was "literally Hitler!" and personally imprisoned brown kids in cages?

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This is a Hall of Fame level meme. Well done to the originator. BASED.

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