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This whole house of cards crumbles when people start facing jail terms.

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I honestly don't care if its a rape or incest baby, if you wait more than a few months you should be forced to pop it out. You can always give it up for adoption.

That's where I draw my line at least. I guess I am somewhat moderate on abortion.

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Our enemy isn't super smart, or super strong, they are just persistent.

We haven't been showing up for 30+ years really and they have been. It's not entirely our fault.. we tend to be people with businesses and families and jobs, them... not so much.

We have seen where that leads, so I signed up to be a poll worker now, even though I have more than enough to keep me busy in life as is.

You, dear reader, should think about getting involved somehow as well, even if its boring and you got no time for anything.

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At the bottom of pretty much every anti American industry there is a jew in charge. They want you to think this is just a coincidence.

I don't really believe in so many coincidences anymore.

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The red pill comes on fast and strong once you start paying attention and people start showing you their true colors.

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Another affirmative action hire.

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Kids will watch anything you put on the tv... if you want to brainwash them with CNN that's on you.

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Lets just give him an insulting nickname.. it's what Trump would do.

Hairplugs Hannity?

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He commented on the bot thing ages ago. He definitely knew they were a thing.

This isn't about the bots exactly its about how many real users Twitter actually has. Twitter is trying to cover it up and Musk is entitled to do due diligence about it.

They claim 5% so if he can prove there is more, he has leverage on the deal, and if he can prove they have more than 5% AND THEY KNEW ABOUT IT.. well people could be going to prison.

I think he would be happy buying Twitter (for the right price) or having it implode and creating his own.

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I am surprised Durham hasn't taken his own life or died from covid or had a weird accident.

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He should have broken it down for her so that she could understand his question better.

"How would the government simply by taking more money from corporations suddenly make the inflation rate go DOWN?"

Do these people think corporations even pay taxes? You raise their taxes, which means you raise their COSTS, then they raise their PRICES, which is just more goddamn inflation for the consumer.

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This isn't about the lemmings who watch the MSM.

This is about the shareholders of twitter.. either this deal happens or they will be launching lawsuits about why it didn't happen.

These are not all sheep with 10 shares they got on Robinhood.. there are lots of savvy investors out there will be asking hard questions about why their shares are tanking when they were supposed to be getting a big payday.

Also I am sure DeSantis will have questions about this as it affects Florida investors etc.. This stuff is why they went from "We are not selling twitter! To okay we are selling twitter.." so quickly.

It's a whole shit sandwich for Twitter however you slice it. Makes me wonder if maybe Elon didn't even ever want to buy Twitter. Maybe he knew their numbers wouldn't stand up to due diligence and he just wants to make it implode and build his own version.

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"Hi I am buying your website because it has a lot of users and I think I can do a better job running it than you do."

"Okay sounds good."

"Alright I need data on your users, so I can do my due diligence to see how many of them are legitimate, since this is all based on buying a site with a large userbase."

"Oh sorry. We can't do that. Its not much we promise."

"I can't move forward without hard data..."


See how that plays to the shareholders? Or anyone looking to invest?

When you buy a company you are allowed AND expected to look under the hood to make sure you are getting what they claimed. There is really no "AS IS" when it comes to this stuff.

Right now Twitter is looking like they have something to hide, and that just makes everyone more curious.

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She really is unpopular with anyone that isn't a liberal crazy cat woman with blue hair.

Even people that might have voted for her do not like her or want to see anything about her.

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Yeah he put them in an unwinnable situation just by having the gall to offer to buy them at a premium.

Refuse it, they look like they are doing a bad job for their shareholders, get sued, everything ends up going into discovery and coming out about what a shit show Twitter is.

They go okay lets avoid that, say we will sell, Elon Musk now starts asking hard questions and demanding access to data or will back out.

BEST case scenario for them right now is selling at a discount to Musk if he signs some kind of NDA about the whole thing.

Their other alternative is trying to explain why he backed out over a deal he wanted enough to pay a premium for. Shareholders will get mad, stock price will tank, lawsuits will be started.. etc

Either way the Twitter of yester years is gone, even if most people do not realize it.

Makes me laugh thinking back to when he bought that big chunk and the CEO was like, Don't worry, we are going to keep doing whatever we like, we don't care what he thinks..


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Where is this right to healthcare "she" is talking about?

Right would imply it's free for everyone.

Fuck all these commies.

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It's good because Twitter is in an unwinnable situation here. Either he gets a big discount and they get bought or they have to admit that their site is full of bots and bullshit and that's why the deal went south which will absolutely tank their share price.

These swamp creatures really can't handle any sort of sunlight. Change is coming for them now one way or the other.

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Polls are the very definition of fake news.

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Aww fuck this old irrelevant hag. Even a broken clock is right sometimes though.

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Fuck islam. There are plenty of islamic countries already if you want to worship that garbage.

Honestly ANY politician that wants to prove to me they are not a part of the swamp can say those 2 words and I would vote for them.

Fuck Islam. Fuck Israel too. Fuck every country other than ours.

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Of course they are. Do you think they would leave something important like all that power and money up to the actual people to decide?

90% of politicians are in on this crap and they would rather work with the other side than the outsiders.

What they hate is now we KNOW and they have to show themselves eventually and we get to clean out another RINO fuck.

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