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"I don't agree with ANYTHING..."

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Reasons aren't obvious, and we have to speculate on why.

I speculate it's because he wanted as many eyes and ears as possible on his message about Jesus Christ.

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I feel the opposite of Benny boy. I listened to Ye's show yesterday and he seems to be thinking very clearly, perhaps more so than he ever has.

He's full of love, wants peace, and has accepted Jesus Christ into his heart and is spreading the good news to millions.

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I think Ye was trying to get banned, for more publicity on his show yesterday.

Chances are high that Elon didn't know that this was a symbol for peace and love and a religious symbol, and just thought it was nazi crap because he saw a headline that Ye said "I love Hitler"

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Ye said "Christ is King. I'm a servant of Jesus. Follow him with me".

That was his primary message and theme he repeated over and over.

Catturd is just a turd and doesn't agree with this

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Correct, but if he tripled his salary right after the ruling, judge would likely step in.

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False, he even said that what eventually would happen is he'd be forced to operate the business where all profits (outside of business operations, payroll...) go by court order to these payements.

Essentially, all profits from infowars go to these "victims"

Edit: As several of you have pointed out, clever (and even basic) accounting practices can go around this, so perhaps they'll never see a dime. We'll see

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It could be:

  • People making donations in her name and she's not aware (Identity Fraud)
  • She's receiving this money with orders on when/where to donate it as part of an orchestrated illegal campaign

Either choice is very bad and should be investigated.

Yep by Vsid
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He's an entertainer and he was on a show. AJ had on a reptile mask also...
Basically every entertainer puts on masks and wears odd clothing, many many to the extreme degree.

I'd say he was quite effective at getting eyes and ears on him, and people heard his message about Christ.

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That's different. That's about unemployed donors.

This article is about large groups of "mules", or donors, (which happened to be unemployed also) that make hundreds of abnormal donations totaling thousands of dollars to out of state candidates.

These appeared so abnormal and they were able to locate and contact one of the "mules" by phone and they initially denied making that many donations and claimed it must be identity fraud.

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I just read this article. It looks like they are exposing a massive money laundering operation that's used to evade campaign finance violation. They even contacted one of these mules and they seemed to deny that they've donated so much and so many times and claimed identity fraud must be happening.

  • Great evidence here
  • Should be an investigation
  • Probably won't be, because our elected leaders are pussies and criminals too.
Yep by Vsid
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Some might think Kanye said crazy shit, but what he said over and over is this:

  • Christ is King
  • Become a servant of Jesus Christ. Let's follow him together
  • Peace and Love, not hate

The rest was just fluff to get people to hear his obviously primary message listed here

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The word swastika is derived from the Sanskrit svastika (in Devanagari, स्वस्तिक), meaning any lucky or auspicious object, and in particular a mark made on persons and things to denote good luck. It is composed of su- (cognate with Greek ευ-, "eu-"), meaning "good, well" and asti a verbal abstract to the root as "to be"; svasti thus means "well-being". The suffix -ka forms a diminutive, and svastika might thus be translated literally as "little thing associated with well-being".The swastika symbol is one of the oldest symbols on the Earth and can be found in all religions and traditions, on all continents!

See image in link:

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Also, KimDotCom is a fraud. He said he had evidence of who hacked the DNC in an effort to promote himself, and he never came through.

Guy is a total liar and fraud

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Don't know, but many speculate. He was never a serious candidate. Democrats successfully took him off the ballot in many states, not Republicans.

Many speculate he ran in coordination with Trump to siphon the black vote away from Democrats.

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Unfortunately this is true also. It's why Trump was so defensive about their meeting. Trump knows how to win. Kanye doesn't. Trump is a polished definite winner. Kanye is a rough/raw wild man that will go down in flames.

Enemies will use any perceived negative association to manipulate normies into destroying MAGA & Trump.

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Correct, it wasn't just early on, it was all throughout. His entire theme of this hours long interview was "I'm a servant of Christ. Jesus is King. Let's follow in his footsteps and serve him"

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Fine, not only hope, but best hope by a lot in my opinion. I know nothing about her, but I'm taking a guess that family or friends are the opposite of help for her. Perhaps a good minister could do work on her, but only if she's at a level in her life where she's willing to submit to their message & advice.

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College student in Canada. Chances are 99.9% that she took multiple experimental mRNA-Gene Therapies...

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This person is not mentally ill.
I watched her video and I can see this right away.

She's just been completely brainwashed and has no sense of how to get out of her trap. Her only hope is that she finds a real man and submits to him and he can retrain her and bring her back into reality

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