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If you cant rule these women what makes you think you can rule others? Grow up.

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Boo hoo you larping commie. We are just getting started, do you think it was just for four years?

It was never about four years.

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oh shut up, not trusting doctors is literally the smartest of the two stances.

have you ever looked at a fucking history book?

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lol doing real work and etc is clearly a completely foreign activity to government workers.

is it any wonder we've been talking about the same dumb shit as a nation for about 60 years?

i entirely believe the modern area is regressive. the real work to be done is hard. so you have a bunch of vain fags running around still pretending that repeating the largely dumb activism of burroughs, thompson, ginsberg, and other sartre-style pseudo-intellects has worth.

it does not. it never did. its like a fucking rerun.

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I do believe demographics are meaningful -- and should actively inform a good deal of policy -- the data on homogenous societies is undeniable and even the average libtard will be quick to affirm that (just look at denmark, finland, and other scandis -- or even the raising power of china itself).

That said, a lot of these Mexicans can be won over and you shouldn't forget that. You have to deal with the realities of the day. They didnt march up here to act like some fucking hippie. You need to consider treating your Democrat neighbor with distain and forgiving some of these poor brown bastards who marched up here to the siren call of a bunch of faggot commies.

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I do not care how anyone got to where they are today.

Write your book on your time.

I care about producing henceforth and I dont want to hear a single fucking excuse.

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lol it will always wain and it will always be more evident that other vaccines because its incubated in animals and not very dangerous so a lot of people will just carry on when infected.

you know like all flu-like rhinovirus and coronaviruses of the past before they slapped a coca cola label on it.

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Fuck twitter.

Im making this ladies fat freedom loving ass my wallpaper.

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Well if you're in the military you fight at Bidens command, so in a lot of ways they're all commies.

You know, like those cops who watched our businesses burn because of atrocities that happened 200 years ago.

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Is that the one where you have the audacious expectation that the state shouldnt perform medical experiments on you?

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But how does this faggot really feel I wonder?

Im perfectly fine to risk a flu, and particularly anyone in this guys family, for liberty.

And my rights come from God -- and im an athiest. Nice try you statist fuck.

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