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Whatever, he's a major dem and hollywood elite, it'll be a slap on the wrist or some small amount of money that doesn't even make a dent in his finances.

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The people who have hated and vilified him for 6+ years now, believing every word the media said, is all of a sudden going to start not hating him because of the raid? You really believe that? 99.99999999999% of the left agrees with that raid and thinks he should be in jail.

And the MV situation? Again 99.9999999% of the left thinks the republicans are trash for that and just hate Desantis more. In fact I'd say with confidence that between the two (Raid & MV) less than 10 people in the entire country would change to supporting Trump as a result.

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Doesn't matter what kind it is, it'll keep happening.

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No they don't miss Trump yet, not even a little, and they never will. You could remove the decimal from that number and they still wouldn't. Anyone who still supports the left has no hope whatsoever of ever waking up at this point. It's been too long.

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Illegals account for 64% of federal crimes? That's actually really shocking to me and seems really high because of some other group(s) that we know commit a large amount of crimes. If true though, man, that multiplies my disgust for the whole situation tenfold.

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Well Trump wasn't even there....

Really there's nothing strange about this. Biden is the leader of a foreign country.

Were any other heads of state any further up? There's tons of family, friends, local government officials and many others that should be farther up. Unlike the US, England isn't focusing on everyone but themselves.

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If you see a paywall on redstate (or anywhere else) add the Ublock Origin extension to your browser or block scripts.

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If you are seeing a paywall, add ublock origin extension to your browser.

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Yea saw this earlier with the flag. Get what you deserve chump

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They are really going all in on this prior to midterms. Republicans/Conservatives are dangerous people that will destroy all of us if they win anything in midterms. We must destroy them.

Why bother when they can just cheat to win anyways?

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The fact he got as many as he did is still completely and totally pathetic. Truly shows that there are millions and millions out there who have no chance of ever waking up, ever.

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What if all your neighbors are hardcore liberals who hate your guts simply because one of your family members had the audacity to come to your house with a trump bumper sticker on their car?

Because that's where I'm at. They don't even know I'm a supporter, just the family member who was here that one time and assume I am too. Every opinion they had of me immediately changed, we were kicked out of the neighborhood nextdoor app, and started getting nasty looks and even some vandalism. Their kids have been told to stay away from me because I'm dangerous.

Every word of that is 100% true. Should I still go out and talk to them?

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