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Why is the wheel on the right?

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The fact that his endorsements do so well shows everyone how strong of a candidate he is and can only serve to help us when/if he runs in 2024.

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In other words... "14,000 ballots is what we estimate is needed to secure a victory for whoever we want, so once we have the results from tonight, if they are not what we want, we can get to work fixing it."

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Hah just watched this movie again recently. This is great.

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Don't need to win in Florida. They have the 4 or 5 swing states with enough electoral votes to secure their victory on lock with the steal.

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The 477 counties and 1 out of 19 Bellwethers is just astounding to me. 81 million votes? Fuck off

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Trump voters who supported Biden in 2020? Don't believe for a second there's more than a couple hundred of those nationwide.

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Why the fuck are these people so god damn obsessed with race?

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How great would it be if his plan all along was just to expose all of this with no real plans to purchase it.

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Then why make your beta site accessible on the internet when no one can log in or sign up for it? Keep it internal, you know, like developers do before they are ready to go live.

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Can't sign in with my existing account. Seriously not a good look to have so many issues with this so early.

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