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Fat twat looks like he is melting.

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The simple tard repeated. Day 23.

You have the downvotes of a troll. Jesus. I see you are just as effective elsewhere on the site. The perils of being an idiot, I suppose.

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You came to me, bitch. Twenty two days of you doing this on my post. The longest hissy fit I have witnessed from a very butthurt retard.

The believer struggles.

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That is just you being a collectivist retard attempting to place people in groups. Lefty bullshit. Eat a bag of dicks, twat.

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Or they will still divorce the Jesus fanatic. How about focus on the marriage and do the fanatical stuff as a hobby in the garage or kitchen table while everyone else enjoys their hobbies.

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Should have covered her rat face too.

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He does manage to squeeze a one minute video into ten. Wait, let me tell you about my coffee company....

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Emotional. Your insults are as weak as your spelling choices. Definitely on fhe same level as your reading comprehension abilities. Anything to avoid making sense.

Very christlike, poser. No one ignores the Jew messiah like a dishonest believer, btw.

What a pussy you are that someone else doesn't believe in your baby killing Jew god. Continue flailing. I love a flapping vagina.

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Nothing here but a butthurt Christian making false claims. Demonstrated above ad nausium. Nothing unusual about delusional believers lying and failing. Here is another one doing it.

Must be the holy spirit issuing forth like a tepid bowel movement.

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You did this already. This is what the inability to argue looks like.

Confirmation bias.

You have established that you worship a Jew book character who commanded the slaughter of babies and the enslavement of children... I couldn't think of a bigger mythical scum bag.

I don't believe in bullshit. I could explain this to you again, but I can't understand it for you. You do believe in bullshit. You are welcome to it.

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Addressed previously and repeatedly. The believer is clearly retarded and demonstrably lacks basic reading comprehension skills. See above.

"I can't make sense, so I talk from my ass." ~ A. Lying Believer

It isn't surprising that the follower of a Jew book deity who commanded the slaughter of babies and the enslavement of children is comfortable lying constantly.

A demonstration of weak Jew book morality. Beltain is at the beginning of May. It took you this many days to fail this hard.

We have also revealed you have clearly never read your book of Jew fairytales.

Just a very slow and very butt hurt retard who can't argue for shit. Much like every emotional Jesus crispy...only slower and even more simple minded.

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Said the individual who prays to a middle eastern book character who commanded the slaughter of babies. One appeased by death and blood.

You have adequately failed to make sense.

Eostre is the European deity Easter is named for. A fertility goddess. By your retarded reasoning this means you support pagan fertility rituals to Eostre every year at Easter.

If there is no pagan belief in your Easter, then I can have none in my Beltain.

Btw, Baal was El's son in the Canaanite pantheon. Yhwh was also a son of El in the canaanite pantheon. You literally worship Baal's brother.

You might be my favorite retard.

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I never said the Jew god said to sacrifice babies, just to kill them and enslave 32,000 of their virgin sisters.. That is what is described. That is what I claimed, and that is what is there. He sure liked an adult sacrifice, though didn't he? Just one big one on a cross bleeding that magic sacrifice blood. Up to then he had to enjoy the savory smell of burning animals according to the same Jew tales.

Thanks for demonstrating confirmation bias and poor reading comprehension. it is a Jew god in a Jew fairytale describing Jew myths. One that told followers to slaughter babies and enslave children. Many references provided, see above.

You think that character is god. That doesn't make it god. This is a post about fairytales that you are contributing to. European bullshit vs jewish bullshit. You celebrating child slaughter is a creepy bonus.

You have presented no commands from non existent pagan god characters to kill children. None from me. None from satan either. No presented connection with Satan and European myth at all. Just an ipse dixit presented by a deluded retard. The baby killer is the sand people god demonstrably according to the tales previously referenced.

I never condoned or recommended the killing of any children, lying sack of shit. I even reject book deities who command it. Any book deities. You imagine child slaughter in my post. You are condemning something you have conjured in your mind seeing as there is demonstrably zero infanticide in my recommendations. You imagining something has no effect on reality, simple tard.

The one defending child slaughter is your dumb ass, see above, lying twat.

We had a bbq and two fires a week ago. No one killed any kids at all. Had a great time with the family doing white people shit, though.

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Yes. I am gas lighting you over halloween parties when no one is talking about them but you. Your red herring means I am gas lighting you. You got me.

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That is just you reading deeply into a comment and then rambling about irrelevant shit.

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