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that's not necessarily true

Alright dipshit, then explain to me, in detail, why Christians do not follow the same basic laws of Jews.

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Fundamentals of Christianity, OT is a historical document, NOT a set of rules or guidelines to be followed. As Christ died on the cross, what are the specific happenings mentioned across the gospels? Destruction at the temple, the tearing of the curtain, etc. Christ himself even instructed Christians to disregard the old ways, except for some very specific quotations that line up with OT doctrine.

It makes me laugh though seeing so many ignorant mother fuckers quote the OT like it has any kind of bearing over Christianity. Typical boomer shit, just a bunch of dumbasses.

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I love seeing self proclaimed Christians quote the Old Testament and not see the glaring fucking problems with it.

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If you think a private citizen can hold someone against their will with a firearm, you're a god damn retard.

Imagine if this was you and your family being held by antifa.

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Chauvin is a fucking idiot, and y'all really need to stop defending him so vigorously. Not a good look

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You got any fucking clue how the US Justice system works?? Could literally be minutes, or days

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The problem is lack of fear

Oops!! Caught me!! Lol, my bad, see you around

Until that mentality is erased, conservatives will continue to lose, as we have for the past 100 years

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Gonna be a grade-A fucking chimp out like you haven't seen when he's released

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I'm not a big fan of the vaccine, or the mandates.

However, what you need to be looking at is hospitalizations vs deaths. From my firsthand experience, the infection rate isn't really affected, but the death rate in unvaccinated vs vaccinated is a statistically significant difference.

Take that how you will, that is NOT me advocating for mandatory vaccinations, but I do believe it is a net positive.

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The problem is so many of you are just fucking stupid. The vaccine has become this controversial subject, except the guy whose face is ON THE TOP OF THE FUCKING WEBSITE helped develop it.

This is one of the main problems conservatives have in the general media space.

There's is a way to be opposed to mandates without spamming "the Jews are putting dead babies in the vaccines". Shit isn't palatable to the common American, and I don't think y'all understand that

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What are you talking about? Salaried personnel?

If this same thing happened at any of my manufacturing locations, I guarantee the salary team could outperform the hourly morons.

The problem comes down to available manpower and lack of automation in certain applications. The idea that white collar jobs are in the manufacturing sector are filled with dumbasses is an odd one to me. Over 90% of upper management in my employer, me included, came up either through the manufacturing process itself or working on our tools prior to getting a degree.

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By all means, please be a little more specific. My guess is that your and I have 2 very different ideas of what is coming.

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Christ on a cracker what the hell is wrong wish people

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Is the flyer a real thing??

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Not gonna lie, these are pretty fuckin lame

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Yes, I don't give a flying fuck about child slaves in Africa or Malaysia

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Not 40 fucking panels, just get a 6 panel array wholesale and install it yourself like a fucking man. $2k all in

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I spend well over $200 a month on fuel.

If you're smart you'd dump a couple grand into a small solar array and batteries that do nothing but power the vehicle charging circuit.

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