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Everybody here knows you don't have a mother, you're just a failed abortion that survived like a roach in a shit pit

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It isn't unsolvable, the problem is that the solution goes against what a lot of human nature is based on.

For everything that the Chinese government does wrong, we have a lot of lessons to learn from them regarding the consistent push of uniform culture.

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No, the largest failure that CONSISTENTLY appears throughout human history is complacency. The cycle of hard times -> hard people -> easy times -> soft people -> hard times repeats ad infinitum.

Greeks, Romans, Mongolians, French, Britain, all of these once great global empires (some more than others obviously) have the same historical failures rooted in societal decline.

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we are in control

Any idea how absolutely retarded you have to be to make this statement?

"We" literally don't control any aspect on any major political organization in this country. You need to wake the fuck up.

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So sick of the political theatre surrounding this shit.

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What fuckin video? It's a wall of text with about 9 million hyperlinks. Y'all have to start learning how to distribute this shit to normies

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This is all theatrics anyways. Everybody on this forum knows deep down what the eventuality is, just a matter of time.

The country is already divided into the coming "civil dispute" demographics. The quicker it kicks off, the better our chances of a successful reset becomes.

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Let me state this as clearly as possible.


Stop looking at this from logic and legal standpoint. If you haven't fucking noticed, NOBODY CARES about what the law says. It simply doesn't matter when the overwhelming majority of people don't agree with it. These people don't care if they cheated to win.

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Thousands of people like me. Talent bleed takes all the top performers by the time you hit O-3. Women (not minorities) have destroyed the institutions of performance over the decades, but if you dare start pointing that out, you know what happens.

I come from a family of service academy graduates and did the same myself, but the prestige of those academies were eroded sometime between the mid 90s and early 00s and nobody noticed because information wasn't freely accessible like it is now.

Why would someone in a rated specialty code stay in the service making $100k when you can get out and make $175k+ for less responsibility, liability, and time investment? Used to be the answer to that was either the honor that came with service, or because if you really enjoy death and destruction that was the only way to legally do it. The honor is gone and you can legally do all the same stuff as a PMC.

Fuck the military, from someone who once devoted their life to it.

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The problem is going to be public perception and will of the people, which is the largest factor here that the average T_D user doesn't seem to grasp.

Let's say you prove beyond a doubt that 8 states should have gone Trump but didn't due to fraud......

Then what? You think Congress, the courts, and the military are going to back you up with what happens next? Everything from academia to the largest financial hubs in our country are infested from the top down. Nobody with the power to change the outcome will do anything drastic.

It will ALWAYS come down to a fight, whether that's in 3 months or 5 years, war is coming.

You ready?

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Ehh, anybody on the officer side could have told you this in the past 20 years.

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I honestly don't care who they voted for. IF THEY AREN'T IN THE LEGAL SET OF BALLOTS GET THEM THE FUCK OUT OF HERE

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This is just mental masturbation and hopium. The only thing missing from your post is a healthy dose of realism.

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Nah,I moved out of Maricopa county in 2018. Way more democrats now than in 2016. Trump turned off pretty much 1/3 of the people that voted for him in 2016 from my anecdotal social circle polling. The dumbasses in the upper middle class are too fucking stupid to know what's in their best interest.

You severely underestimate the liberal leanings of Gilbert, Chandler, and Queen Creek.

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Its only unbelievable if you don't live there. Its hard to describe how many liberals are in Phoenix now, couple that with illegals, none of those numbers surprisee

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Pray in one hand, shit in the other, see which fills up first.

Remember, God takes care of those who take care of themselves.

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Secession is not a realistic goal. You need to stop thinking some formal government process is ever going to happen. Go guerilla.

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You're a dumbass, spend your time doing something that is worthwhile

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People on this website have got to realize that if your don't run a black candidate on the conservative ticket, you won't ever win again. FULL STOP.

Until you start courting the black population that actually understands where their tax dollars go, you won't ever win TX, GA, NC, KY. The demographics are changing and if the tickets don't change from corn fed whitey, we're fucked long term

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