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The numbers never moved. Idk why they kept the polls open(I do, it was in case Biden needed it) for 8 days, but the numbers stayed the same. I have a bunch of screenshots (some weird things like trump in the lead but the state called for biden, counts at 1:00am ish)

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I don’t give a fuck if she’s out she needs and deserves to be killed in a slow, excruciatingly painful public death.

Who is her counterpart in each country? They most likely deserve the same.

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Here’s what you’re missing….he isn’t the one forcing this onto everyone. None, and I mean NONE of that was a thing until after Biden was installed. If you recall, everyone who’s now pushing it relentlessly was then saying to avoid it at all costs. What you’re missing is the concept of tribalism. They vilified the vaccine under trump and praise it under the retard. They hide the side effects for the retard but would have reported everyone of them nightly under trump. If trump was in office the vaccine would’ve already been pulled for its side effects.

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Telling someone to go fuck themself for attacking gun rights isn’t me advocating for anything. Just telling a pos to gfy. See how well that “tearing people down is not the way” goes for ya…clearly it’s worked impeccably thus far. This is the same mentality that is “let’s send social workers on domestic violence calls”…you’re trying to pacify someone who wants you dead. Moral high ground bs is over.

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You’re the one reeeing, everyone else is saying the same shit they always have “fuck the faggots who support gun laws” you’re the one advocating for someone who just said that they hate you. Waffling faggots like yourself is how we got to where we are. Stick to your fucking principals and stop flocking to anyone who slightly agrees with you, in passing, on one situation. Otherwise keep that ass lubed up bc you will steadily be getting fucked.

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Fuck him and fuck you too, faggot. I’m sick and fucking tired of allowing people to be given passes only to watch them bend us over and fuck us later. “FFS he’s on our side” OBVIOUSLY FUCKING NOT you dense idiot, he would have your guns taken. Period.

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Duboonked : it just has some stainless steel. Without a concise definition of what “full of” is, we’re gonna rate this one false

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So I wasn’t awake and aware back then. But over the last week i watched both of these(you had posted them back when rem sued for school records a cpl weeks ago) and holy fuck. The parallels to how they act about covid is uncanny. Cant question or speak about it, people ignore huge glaring questions and just accept narrative as fact.

The entire lanza and neighbor situation, the firehouse, no ambulances at the school, the dash cam footage, the medical examiner, the sheriff (quoting that ol “misinformation” narrative), its endless really.

Any other vids on this rabbit hole?

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Whether people want to admit it or not, Jesus is propaganda. They will sit by and talk shit about people blindly following “science” while simultaneously blindly following a book. Neither have any proof to backup the claims made.

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GEOTUS is satire. You’re a fucking moron. If you were so goddamned worried about jesus and satan you wouldn’t be on the internet. theleftiscomingforus but Jesus isn’t

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You need mental help

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Wine bottles are also much harder to steal. Believe this or not, there actually was a time when, as a culture, we were against theft…..even under 950. Ah those were the days.

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They’re mental midgets who have complied their entire life. So, critical thinking, creating and exploring a hypothesis, history, observation, correlation and corruption have never been learned by these people.

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Doesn’t work. I was looking for something..searched up veteran owned, american made etc. Found the holster I wanted, went directly to their site and the shit shipped from Amazon anyway.

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19, living at home, having unrestricted access to your money while you pay for her gas, phone and insurance while she has never worked a day in her life? Yeah, you're the problem.

You thought you were making her life easier when in actuality you were setting her up to fail. You failed to teach her basic common courtesy, the value of a dollar, responsibility and basic morals such as don’t steal from your parents(even if you would have given it to her, taking without permission is stealing). She is now thrust into a world where everyone will look at her and think “stupid bitch better hope daddy’s money don’t run out”.

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Wait until some random person has a mental breakdown because they cant get the vaxx and goes around setting vax only places on fire or shooting them up or some shit. NEGL, I wouldn’t give a single fuck

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It’s a red state with big blue cities….just like every state. West virginia, red state with (ever growing) blue cities. Texas, Florida..everywhere..pretty sure even idaho had some blm riots. And to be perfectly honest, im not so sure about the blue cities anymore than thats just where the fraud is the easiest to commit

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But they can call Presidential elections immediately…seems legit

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It absolutely is a red state. If you could just flush the toilet in a couple places over there..it would be an entirely different state

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