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I sent e-mails to mayo in order to look into this. Hopefully they work with Twatter to see what's going on here. At a min if it's a troll they are locked out cold. If true they will work to get their IP and track them down. Mayo does not play in my experience.

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Because feminist fat cunts rule the family courts and someone has to pay for dumb sluts and their brutes other than Uncle Sam.

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I hope this is true since it's one less libtard to procreate.

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Where does this faggot live again?

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She deserved every little bit of that. Dumb unhappy cunt. Probably fat too.

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I predict a miserable person like you commits suicide.

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It's damn difficult and he'd beat the hell out of me with one hand behind his back. He isn't even close to the best in the sport he does for a living. Period.

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What a fucking arrogant dumb libtard. Scared little sheep soy boy.

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Cowgirl g-daughter? Not sure of that lingo but sounds sexual. Otherwise, sounds like you raised her well. No soy cucks libtards.

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What a complete and total cuck soy boy. I don't wish him to get well.

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cut his balls off, crush his bones and then burn that piece of fuck alive.

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ITS A TRAP! They look like libards trying to infect the unvaxxed with their rotten slut vaxxed pussy.

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I agree with him here but he's a DB loser with no impulse control and a crappy fighter.

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