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I have a copy of this video on my private server, I've shown many friends. And watching them try to rationalize the "misspeak" is amazing. "Well clearly he meant that they were trying to protect the election!"

"Who would admit to such a thing, of course he said it wrong".

Well MF's, maybe like Hitler, he said the wild thing at the get go but everyone made excuses for what he really meant.

We spent 4 years interpreting Trump's correct words incorrectly...why are you so stupid to think that you aren't doing the same again. Retards.

Not even figuratively, I truly believe that so many people are so hyper focused on their own bullshit, that they're functionally retarded on a political scale.

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I think, as always, humans will stand when those closest to them are either at risk or harmed.

People's kids is always the last chance, as it were. If people don't take a stand when their kids are taken, they never will. They're too far gone. They're the ones who will sing on the train.

But I believe most of the US (seeing as how we got like 100m votes for Trump) won't go willingly into THAT dark night. However, far too many of us will be ok with neighbors and friends being taken.

They have 300+ Patriots in prison for trespassing on the 6th. What the fuck have we done? We just jabber about a vax and piss and moan about Biden. Literally, our own people who believed most in our cause are locked up for believing what we believe....and we just jerk off.

Look, I'm saying this about myself as much as anyone, I haven't done anything to really help beyond spreading truth, voting and praying.

But it proves my point, they are willing to lick us up and call us terrorists. What do you do to terrorists? Well, just wait, some of us will be hung soon enough. Will that be the uncrossable line for us? Who knows, but I hope we stand before they come for our kids

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We are the side that doesn't take action until it's beyond a shadow of a doubt and that we have hard proof. This one is sealed up so tight.

Of course, the very system that stole our votes is where we'll file our complaints?

The founder's built the government in a 3 point triangle to minimize the risk of total corruption. However, total corruption is still possible. And we're here, now.

What happens when the government stops being WE THE PEOPLE and is THEY THE ELITE? I'll tell you, a lot more patriots will wake up and realize the tyranny we live under, and then a lot of us patriots end up dead.

I've already resolved myself to the truth that I don't make it out of the fight if it goes that way. I'll gladly be the first boy on the beach of Normandy taking a bullet to the dome if it means that AT LEAST the experiment doesn't fail without one hell of a fight. Today the cyber Ninja's fought well. But tomorrow the war continues...

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And aren't they fairly shitty workers too? Hear me out, far leftists don't know how to take ownership or accountability, they blame everyone else. Wouldn't it make sense that they're dog shit at everything they do?

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I don't think there should be men's or women's rights groups. All humans have the same rights. There should be humans rights activists, purely.

I do believe that men need their own "men's groups" where no women and children are allowed. That's not sexist, it's just that men are and do go through different things than women. Same for boys, girls and women, our biology leads us all to unique experiences, that's not a quality statement.

It's like how I'm told that I "man splain". Well, look, I'm talking to YOU (a woman) exactly how I talk to a guy. However, since YOU are a woman, you assume that the firm way I talk is due to your womanhood. No, and no guy would tell me I'm mansplainigng. Have you considered that me "mansplainigng" is actually just you "womanhearing"?

What's womanhearing? It's where someone who is a woman listens and takes everything personally like she's at the center of the universe.

Men "should" take more burden and do so willingly and gladly. Are they better than women who do their part equally? No. But it does offer us unique advantages, just like women have theirs.

I'll never know the love and validation a mother has by birthing a child from her own womb. Likewise, my wife will never truly understand why a week alone in the woods with my closest brothers doing "manly things" strengthens and heals me as a man...makes me a better man. It's not that being with her doesn't make me a better man, but iron sharpens iron.

Likewise, women will never know the deep longing for self sacrifice a man has inherently from God. I cry watching saving private Ryan, not because the good guys die, but because I envision myself in their position and feel most connected to the feeling of love by seeing a brother die for his brother.

My wife, and every woman I've ever talked to about this, fails to understand that. They just go "so you want to die?" No I don't want to die at all! That's what makes it heroic and brave! But I do want, if I am asked to die, for it to be something meaningful. We all live, we all die, but may of us never do either for anyone but ourselves.

Edit, that's exactly why women shouldn't serve next to guys. Not because a woman CAN'T hold a gun or charge into battle. But because men are wired by their Creator to be self sacrificing, and more so for women and children. It's not a flaw as the MSM would have you believe, it's a quality we share with God that he imprinted on us. And I, for one, wouldn't have it any other way. It's an honor to say any part of this disgusting thing called me is of God...but that's a whole deeper topic

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Well, I don't necessarily agree with that 100%, everyone has the freedom of choice. Sometimes a perfectly raised kid shoots up heroine. Still, the point is to ACT as though something you did lead to this.

I'm not tossing out the idea of forgiveness either, taking accountability isn't an excuse to beat yourself up and wallow in past failures.

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That's exactly why our society is where it is today. You can blame feminists, you can blame racists, you can blame greedy bastards at the top. But, that's the problem, MEN (not just physical strength "manly" men) stopped being men.

What's a man? I'll sum it up for you,

"Who is a man? A man is the one, when everyone has someone to blame, takes responsibility. Though he may not of caused it, he claims this problem as his own".

Ever noticed who gets blamed for everything? Men. Women aren't treated fairly? Men's fault. Kids are lonely? Father's fault.

Much if the time, the man isn't actually to blame alone. But, who else is left to blame? Curse the heavens for misfortune? That will solve nothing.

A man takes ownership of that which everyone else casts off as being too burdensome. The left blames everyone for their faults and evil. Know when men on the right do too frequently? Blame the left.

The left stole my vote, my chance to fight this, so now we're here. They are guilty, but it's still on me to solve this mess. If it comes to war, I'm not going to winge about it, I didn't start it, but as a man it's my duty to fight it.

This is something women aren't designed for, they are care givers and can do much of what men can, but men are meant to be the ultimate accountability. When everyone else abdicates responsibility, a true man is the one who looks at the situation and says, "who ever caused it will suffer the consequences, but regardless, I'll solve it".

Everything stems from lack of accountability of men in our society. From porn to kids being shown rape books in school. This is the world that is created when women have assumed a higher position than men.... because men would rather touch themselves than leave their finger prints on the world.

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If you agree with me on 16/12 issues, you count like a democrat"

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Can't it be both? A win for Rudy because he's now free'd up for other great things. Meanwhile being a massive loss in the war on this admin?

I guess I'm more curious, how does Rudy feel about it?

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Great response. I recommend the 5000 year leap, in the book he covers the Christian point of view our founders took. Freedom of religion being at the center. The book doesn't focus entirely on that topic, but it does cover it.

You seem to know your history, so this comment was more for anyone who's more deeply curious.

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The pen is mightier than the sword. Unfortunately, the pen must be backed by the sword and all of our politicians lost their swords when they cucked out to the system.

The system fucked itself out if power when it glorified trannies over SF guys.

Really makes me wonder, what are the dudes who got blown up in Afghanistan only to see the election stolen and a government treat them like THEY are the terrorists thinking right this moment.

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Why would they be rolling over? The American experiment was and is just that.

I'm not sure how they calculated the "success" though. We live under a tyrannical and illegitimate government today. But our founders knew that would one day happen and provided us with the toolkit to both detect and resolve that situation.

We're certainly on the gurney being resuscitated, the question is, will shock treatment work? If America rolls over and dies, the experiment failed.

But, I believe the spirit of this nation lives on in each of us who choose to resist.

Biden isn't my president, his edicts I will never follow, the Fed is gone and the military is questionable as they fail to protect the constitution.

I still uphold it, but I am one man who has no governmental position. The founder's spirit lives on as long as we do, and we are the majority right now. America isn't lost, it's only in a trying time. I never lost it, because you can't take what can only be given - and that's our right to liberty.

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Evil likes hiding in plain site to normalize itself? Like the devil at the Superbowl or sugar in breakfast cereal!

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I don't know that all of them are here to placate us. I did believe in Q leading up to the 6th. But, Q also didn't stop me from doing anything. Maybe Q was a psy. But people do still legitimately believe in it still.

I agree that they're wrong, but they are allowed to discuss.

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Want to know the solution to hopium shills and doomers alike? Hope for the best and fight like the worst will happen.

Our elections are FUCKED, but, maybe if there is any shred of possibility left to reclaim it, we should fight as though it exists. Because if we don't, we'll never know.

Same as war. We will do everything to prevent it, but it still may happen. But if it does, at least we know we have the moral high ground of trying.

This nation was built by a few men who refused to give in. We have to be the same. Doom or hopium, your actions must always be that we WILL ultimately win.

If I'm getting shelled in a fox hole I'm going to have the same hope as I had on election night when we watched our democracy get murdered by evil.

Liberty or death, live on your feet or on your knees - these aren't just sayings that only soldiers and vets can say. We're all patriots here now everyone start fucking acting like it.

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What more could we have done anyway?!

I voted, I protested, I abstained from institutions I felt were tearing down this country, I tried to spread truth (and memes), I even donated to causes trying to take down the deep state, I went to festivals.

I suppose I could have voted for better candidates sooner, but I'm not that old at 30. Q didn't prevent me from doing a damn thing, but it did give me hope. Hope that I still have, but in a different avenue today.

Trump told us to take the vax, I hate that he did. But at least he did call the swamp out for what it was.

WE THE PEOPLE need to solve this and, right now, today, all I have is my voice....but that's been silenced by the voter fraud. I do believe our founders would have some strong advice for us today, the kind that would have us thrown in prison. But here we are. Q or not, we have to do what we can always.

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New era of warfare...the weapons are new, but men's hearts aren't.

The same hate and evil that lead to the mass death of trench warfare in WWI are still alive and well today.

Our leaders don't and never did care about anyone but themselves. I'm not saying China will invade, but to say it will never happen because of the publicity? Nah.

They don't care about the publicity, they care that the population is properly rilled up to think that the mass death is heroic and not a wonton waste on another avoidable war.

If anything, it's not that people are softer than ever and less prone to war. It's that they're more naive than ever and are more predisposed to war because they think they're better than getting rilled onto another war.

The only way to prevent the war that's coming is through forgiveness, humility and the just side down right making everyone who is full of hate scared to leave their own home.

The US used to project morality and strength. We now are filled with evil and weakness. I don't think we've been so close to WWIII in a very, very long time. Unless Q wasn't a larp.

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Summed up my thoughts. Except I'm not a fan of ANYONE listening to me. But, the commie corps (or rather, authoritarian companies if that's more accurate) can suck it.

American values aren't to be trifled with, but these companies piss on the very nation that gave them chance to rise.

Like the kid who was given everything growing up, screaming that his parents are totally shit for asking him to study in school, then getting in his Audi that they bought for him...

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So I can tell them to stop having sex? I advocate abstinence for any woman who believes a baby is her body.

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I don't say anything here that I wouldn't want the government knowing.

In real life? To my wife? On our wedding night? Yeah, fuck everything, that's between me, her and God. Notice who isn't on that list, google, Amazon.... everyone else.

I can come to this site if my own accord. I can and do put my phone in a faraday bag.

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YEP! I might spend a little more, but it forces me to think about the purchase more. I get better products and support now.

I shop local as much as I can and dude, I've really enjoyed talking to clerks at speciality stores. Learned way more!

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Ha, I feel the same way. I won't claim to know God's plan for my life, so I won't say that following Him will always be lucrative. But I suppose I am still blown away that, not only did he come through, but he blew it out of the park.

One of the hardest decisions I ever made though, that job was a dream job that I thought I'd never land. But even more this one...

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Not a fortune 500, but let's just say, 1/3 of kids have one of their products. They're so woke, HR is retarded, much management showed their true colors when the company started taking off. Funny, at 100mil, a company might look quite reasonable, but at 1bn, you see the corruption in plain sight.

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