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No you said that Poindexter. I was quoting you. I don't believe there's any such agreement stating that all states must agree to one leaving, only joining.

On the topic of my citizenship, I don't have to renounce shit. I'm still a citizen of the United States of America. Unfortunately, the government controlling that nation failed to uphold the constitution...when they stole the damn election from me. The sovereign creation of God... just like you.

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Which is why the vax is driving us towards the destruction of society. Most people, in my experience, don't care too much if other's get vax'd or not. But when really pushed, they just say, 'just do it, it's not a big deal and you're a conspiracy theorist'.

All it takes for evil to persist is for good men to do nothing. Compliance IS as good as doing it yourself in other words, because you're giving your power away to the corrupt.

Most people will likely give in to mandates because far too few of us actually understand that it's likely going to cost then their lives to stand against the government. If not the vax or the passport, another one further along until they're fully enslaved.

Still I have hope, that even if they do, enough will stand and say no. But that's the question of our day, I suppose: Are there still enough people who value liberty over life to reset this nation - the same question our founders wondered when they appealed to their fellow countryman to go against the crown.

We can win, we can take back what's stolen. "Safety" given by the government is nothing more than stolen liberty given a comfortable name. Fear is the horse they rode in on and safety is the whip they rule with.

I think all cars should have seatbelts, but I don't think they shouldn't move without them clicked. All guns should have safeties, but I don't think they should be hooked up to a super computer that passes judgement if the target is approved or not....

Governments should offer protection to the people, but they shouldn't do so at the expense of the unwilling.

If they say a vax is for everyone's safety, but damages my health, then by definition, the vax isn't for everyone's health... unless I'm not part of everyone. So who then am I if not one in everyone? Oh right, I'm a threat, because if I'm not part of everyone, then I don't necessarily what what's good for everyone since it doesn't include me. And so, you can kill a lot of people with a thought process like that.

And I don't intend on being exterminated without a bit of a fuss.

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You're not an anarchist, you just appose tyranny.

The government went from protecting the people to subjugating them when they silenced our voices by stealing the election.

You and I haven't changed, the government has. And it's an abusive relationship now...

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Individuals have all the power and then it trickles down from there. Instead of the reverse which is humanities default apparently (kings).

So it would make sense that the individual is most sovereign (well, of course under God), then local, then state, then fed.

If it goes in the reverse, well gee, doesn't that just sound like another fucking dictatorship?

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That's what I keep telling people. You don't stop your abusive husband by asking him to stop...

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The guy above you lol,

They can only leave with unanimous consent of all the other states. Unilateral secession is unconstitutional.

There is only 1 law that is anything more than just two guys in a room with fists... God's law.

Everything else is nothing more than a contract between men - if one side doesn't uphold their end, the only reprocessons come from the upholder in terms of force.

The nation was ruled by the voice of all the people electing their representatives. So tell me, what does the constitution do for me when the top of the power went against it?

There is no law, there are no courts, there is no government, there are no politicians who have power that may derived from anything other than us. So what do they have when they ignored us?

It's just two men in a room with fists. The constitution doesn't protect us if they don't follow it.

I could have you sign a piece of paper that says you won't murder me...but then you do. What good was that paper?

That is where we are today. Either you believe the election was stolen and the government is illegitimate or the election wasn't stolen and you still give the government your consent.

I don't consent to having my vote stolen. I don't consent to "you" murdering me, regardless of what any paperwork says....where does that leave us, "government"?

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In other words, we fight like hell?

I'll continue to vote, even though it doesn't count.

I'll continue to resist the vax mandates, even though they keep pushing them.

I'll continue to not shop at Amazon, even though it's tempting every single day.

I'll continue to kick and scream that morality is lost, even though no one listens (actually, casting pedals before fools as it work).

But to deny that our enemy doesn't care about us to the point of being willing to murder us wholesale... that's naive. The only reason any of us are alive today and resisting (is by the grace of God) is because they simply haven't narrowed our numbers down enough through the average person's demoralization and indifference.

I don't know where this ends, but history proves people are inclined to surrender their rights when they are comfortable. So the question is, what provides real comfort to most Americans?

TV, video games, cars, guns, sex and drugs? Because they'll give us plenty of that ...all they ask is that we never say no.

Or does the average person find comfort in the freedom (and risk) liberty provides? Is the average person willing to put liberty before death so that they may have the chance to live free?

China clearly lost, for now, to the demoralization and Orwellian control - will we go the same way?

How does one draw a line? Mine is at what goes into my body. I owe no one any reason for what I don't want in me, I won't pay a dollar for not having it in me. I won't go to jail for it.

Unfortunately, I think most of us agree on that, which is how they're sliding in things like watching our 600 dollar transactions. While we're so focused on the jab, they're stealing all our liberty outside of bodily autonomy.

Want to buy a donut? Well, you said online that Biden is Brandon, so you can only buy muffins. Most people will bitch with a mouth full of muffins. But they'll say "but hey, I have my gun and I didn't take the jab! #PatriotResistance #liberty"

Liberty isn't a percentage, it's all or nothing. And the day they stole the nation in broad daylight from WE THE PEOPLE, was they day this became a war. Not a war of violence, yet, but a war on everything new this illegitimate government institutes.

Joe Biden isn't the president and nothing NEW that this government puts in place has any power over me. Any corporation that bends the knee, fuck um too.

If that doesn't feel like fighting like hell, then you haven't tried it.

Go outside and refuse to wear the mask, period. Then tell me how it's not doing enough. I can't go to most stores, restaurants, bars, games, schools, libraries, concerts, gas stations, etc. Some let me in and don't kick me out, but I have a handful of grocery stores I can go to now. What about when the vax license to move comes in?

Tell me I'm not fighting when I can't buy meat or veggies, but I hunt and have a garden.

Participating in this illegitimate Government is just holding on to shreds of what was... it's gone, let it burn off. I say let them push the hardest of mandates on us. You take the jab or you get a bullet to the head. That's what they want, right?

All dissenters dead? Well fine, money to mouth, let's see who wins, but I won't live a life of abiding by evil.

(Of course I say all of this as a flawed, scared and sinful individual who doesn't want anyone innocent to be hurt. And if there is a chance to prevent violence, the we must find it. But if there not be, then let's get to it before this war becomes my children's...)

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"Political" has become an insult to keep the crabs in the bucket.

I don't mean the clap back politics like pelosi tearing up a speech.

I mean, you're charging me increased taxes just to give millions to Pakistani gender study research. I can tell you all you all you need to know, boys and girls are different but equal. I can translate it too if needed, where's my 20 million? And why does my street have potholes still?

I'm not political, but knowledge is freedom and boy do I hate being subjugated by the willfully ignorant.

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I must claim ignorance in Australia's history, but I have to assume they have the same distaste for tyranny as the rest of us. I think most people do, difference is, how much more do they love liberty over life?

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I've heard so many conflicting reports that the best I'm able to tell from so far away is that they do still have some guns and many were lost to buy backs/laws.

I stand by the thought that everyone should have access to fully loaded F15's. As scary as, say a nuke is in the hands of a potentially crazy person, it's far scarier knowing the illegitimate Government has exclusive access to them.

But, don't Aussie's have mostly shotguns and hunting rifles? (Granted an F15 could be considered a hunting jet, what, have you never seen a heard of deer with Javilins and ATGM's? It's not in poor sport if the meat is still edible and their death is painless. I just like to kill and cook all in one air to surface missile)

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They stole the election. Why do people keep thinking the laws will protect them?

If your husband beats the shit out of you, why would you expect him to protect you over himself in a sticky situation?

The government is illegitimate. The new laws are just as illegitimate. So why would they follow the constraints of the old laws? Or was stealing an election not against the old laws?

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No disagreement here from me, just adding. God does bring the heat when it comes to vengeance, but that doesn't remove from us our role in justice.

Our nation used to serve out justice as closely aligned with God's justice as possible. But that same government was stolen from us. So now, who brings justice? God, as always. But it is our duty to stand against an unjust government, because to stand with injustice is to stand against God. (And not this stupid social justice)

Fortunately, I believe, that we have a right to protect the innocent - ourselves. Which is why if you're being dragged off to a murder camp, sorry a quarantine camp, then you have every right to defend yourself and your freedom (and by extension everyone else around you).

Castle doctrine is at play, we won't start the shooting, but when they start the death, then it's our duty to shoot back. And our defiance will either lead to a shootout if they're so inclined OR we topple the government first and it is never required.

I don't know which it will come to, I pray the second nonviolent end, but I prepare for the first by imagining I will not survive it. Why? Because if I imagine surviving violence then it's likely my heart is in it for the glory. But reminding myself I'll be the first off the boat with a bullet to his gut in Normandy keeps me humble.

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I don't believe in Q, but if Q was really real...then this sure is waking a hell of a lot of people up!

We're either heading towards revolution 2.0 or we're watching the greatest showman of all time and it's glorious.

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I'm a married white guy, but I identify as a single black gay mother, I'm doing this for my real imaginary babies who I have to feed.

If I can't buy food they're killing so many people:

A black lady

A mother

Black kids of all genders

A lesbian

A prostitute

A mentally ill woman

That's like hate crime genocide for asking my vax status.

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Doesn't Australia still have guns? Perhaps mostly shot guns, but wikipedia (a trash site I suppose) claims they're the 14th most armed.

How many people have used their double barrel to put down 2 cops locking then into their home?

If only .1% of the population did so, they'd be liberated over night. Yet, there they are.

I believe American's are more free spirited and can likely pull a higher kdr with all our weapons, but even for us, the decision to give life over liberty still cuts through each person's heart.

"Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed" It all comes down to us, always has, if WE would rather bend the knee or with great self risk say, "no".

I don't know if the jab will be enough for others to risk their lives, I only know me.

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Humble warriors do not seek glory because they don't seek the fight - is my point.

In my estimation, the humble warrior's spirit is a subcategory of a more humble spirit.

To be humble isn't to be a pushover, bit to seek all means of resolving conflict justly without violence. But if violence be necessary, having exhausted all other options, is the most willing participant in making the other side loose.

Because should they, the other side win, the world would be knowingly worse. That was the distinction I was trying to make and likely had nothing to do with the points you were making... likely making my point pointlessly random.

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You didn't refute anything I said, in fact to me, you just agreed in an argumentative tone.

Quitting and Death aren't the same. Dying for your cause, well at least mine, is the ultimate sacrifice and gratitude should be shown for the opportunity...but that doesn't mean you pull punches or allow it to happen.

I didn't serve, I didn't put my life on the line, I don't ask for anyone's respect because it's not deserved.

My point was the direction of the spirit. If glory is what you seek(not you specifically, but the idea of you) through death, then you're liable to find one and miss out on the other.

But if your death may help prevent a world you do not want to live in results in, well, we both might soon get to prove which one produces a less fearful soldier.

I'm a spiritual creature shackled in flesh, my death isn't my demise, it's my final freedom. But those who would try to speed up the process will do so under the risk of liberation from their own life.

(Strong words for a man who's never shot at anyone and is currently sitting on the toilet...yet, I believe I do believe them...and again, time may come where we both find out if I truly do or not)

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And if he was a commie, and is now reformed, the. I have a great deal of respect for him. And frankly, it makes him an even stronger voice since he know EXACTLY how our ideological enemies think.

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Careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

If you want to fight and die for the glory, then you will likely only get one devoid of the other.

If you would rather die than leave a worse world for those after, then that's where the memory of you MAY be glorified.

This war may turn to violence. I believe it will, but I'm also frequently wrong. But should it, then so be it. We fight the same today as we do tommorow: standing with Truth, protecting the innocent and never, ever giving in to the lies and description.

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Tim appears to be more concerned about YouTube views and sliding people to his platform than he does speaking directly about what he knows is going on.

Perhaps he is ignorant, but he is biting his tongue. I can't judge the guy, I still wear a mask at work, so I'm in no place to judge him.

Do we want him to go full Alex Jones? What good would that do, he serves a purpose as he IS speaking Truth. He's trying to ride a line and he gets labeled a fence sitter, but the dude DOES critically think and question his own beliefs.

I'll listen to him, but I won't follow him. Is he a "true patriot"? Well, in the final analysis, only God can tell what we truly were...

But is he a faggot? Eh, seems unlikely based on current evidence

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Nine of us are 100% right at any time, imperfections permeate us all.

Yet, our side doesn't scorn because someone wasn't 100% right. That's what the left does. AJ has been the most right the longest, so it stands to reason that trend may continue.

I don't think it will perfectly unfold as he describes, but I also don't believe my own beliefs about the future are 100% right either.

We are sprinting towards more tyranny and away from liberty, unless something resets us back to how we were. And since history shows us 1000000 times how this goes, we are likely learning what our founders already knew.

Perhaps the way they set up this nation gives us a better shot than ever, I do believe that. However evil has accounted for that and has calculated exactly how to take us out.

The war is and has always been good vs evil, it's we who are to stand up and play our part. The only question I have now is, are we (me) truly willing to risk and sacrifice all of liberty? I don't know and can't know until it has happened, I suppose.

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Good, now that he has proven himself yet again...listen to his predictions. Too many people agree with what he said, but don't give credit to what he's suggesting is coming

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When you asked if I see it yet, that "yet" word catches me. Do you already know what that black swan is? If so, I am eager to hear!

My current marching orders are to hold fast, not give in and let my best defense become my offense.

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Huh, does that list encompass "WE THE PEOPLE" as well?

2 she's of rules.

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