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FYI if you post on twitter saying this guy should've just kept driving you'll get permanently banned.

Free speech, right Elon?

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Uh no definitely not. Get your ass up and exercise.

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We can only be so lucky. Although Kamala...

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Obviously these animals should just be put down.

But also how incompetent do you have to be for there to be fuckin 8 of you attacking a girl and she still gets away?? That girl's a beast.

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Sure, but you don't then get to keep touting how much you support free speech while you continue to allow your employees to blatantly undermine you by continuing the anti free speech policies of old leadership.

Elon doesn't actually support free speech. He supports people saying things that are maybe slightly disagreeable, but definitely not actual free speech.

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I'll believe it when I see it.

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Yes, not allowing stupid protestors to block the road and hold you hostage makes you a lunatic. Lol.

How pathetic this place has become - you pussy fucks are apparently perfectly fine getting literally held hostage by lunatics standing in the road and you won't do a thing to stop it. Disgusting cowards.

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So you clearly understood what I was saying and agree with it. Great discussion.

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I guess I shouldn't expect a pathetic retard like yourself to understand what's happening here.

Seriously, what has happened to this site lol. Is everyone a complete faggot now? Sad.

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You're the dumb fucking faggot that doesn't know what free speech means. Go back to reddit you absolute retard.

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Yes, me saying if protestors are blocking a road you should keep driving is exactly the same as me directing someone to kill people.

Do you wake up in the morning retarded or does your IQ just slowly deteriorate throughout the day? What a fucking moron.

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LMAO - all you faggots in here should apparently work for twitter.

Bunch of fucking retards that have no idea what free speech actually means. Fucking pathetic what the users on this site have turned into. My god.

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if you legitimately think that's what this is saying, you're a dumb faggot leftist that has no business being here.

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Yea Elon is a lying fucking fraud. They permanently banned my account a couple weeks ago for joking about not letting protestors block the road.

Anyone that thinks Elon actually cares about 'free speech' is a fucking retard.

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Permanently banning an account for a joke = free speech?? Fuckin dumb faggot Elon.

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