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Is there a block of wood going against Crenshaw? Asking for a Texas district.

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Wait a second… I think I might just be noticing something about a HUGELY disproportionate number of the global elites controlling government, media, big tech and banking…

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I hear you and I understand situations are hard. That being said, the best time for you to leave was yesterday. The next best time is tomorrow.

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They saved America as we know it. They stood for principles when the easiest thing in the world would’ve been to become heroes of their own ilk. They took a stand on something because they believed in it, IRRESPECTIVE of what their peers would say and how they would be treated like shit.

Name 2 GOP that have done that much for this country in the last 5 years…

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9 people in their 90’s… Fucking good innings if you ask me!

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Even the most die hard liberal KNOWS that there is no threat whatsoever of white supremacy in the USA, and that they are thousands if not millions of times more likely to be the victim of crime from a black male between the ages of 16-35.

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we’ll vote our way out of blatant electoral fraud and one-sided irregularities!

Yeah. Sure thing.

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Everybody knows it…

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For everything shit they do, the EU does get it right versus certain corporations every now and then…

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Things that definitely happened in unison across all seats of Congress and the senate: “Guys - let’s all do a switch of parties”

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He could make some fucking noise about it rather than cringe commercials about the fact the Government paid for him to become a skydiver… he’s acting as if visibility WOULDN’T be helpful…

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Why doesn’t she wear a respirator? Why is it that the exact level of risk she’s willing to take is a paper cloth mask that the CDC and mask manufacturer both say does not provide effective protection against COVID infection…?

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The really retarded thing is the SC tests to get in the building. So these are triple vaxed, COVID free people wearing masks around one another…

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Who’s coming with me

It’s 2022… you still had DirectTV? Did you cancel by calling them from your landline and settle your final bill with a check?

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she may be pretty on the outside

Uhhh, say what?

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“This prominent Democrat isn’t impressive”.

“Oh really, are you a pedophile?”

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