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Just make sure this new gig doesn’t require vax either, because I wasn’t explicit from the screenshot...

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Yes, it literally is, in just 2 short weeks.

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The 2nd video is standard PV over-hype. If they didn’t pretend everything was a bombshell, they’d have more impact. Video 1 was very eye opening to normies. Video 2 was some easily led faggot eye-rolling and talking about blow darts.

Literally no impartial person that watched that video thought it was impressive or even noteworthy.

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“I declare my want for an investigation” - there you go, I just did exactly what MTG is going to do and it resulted in an identical outcome.

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This is what they saw throughout Europe with these shit kickers when they came in as “refugees” - they are literal goat/child fuckers.

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Without a doubt, whether it’s today, last week, last year or 4 years ago, it’s ALWAYS a handshake suggesting illegal activity on this board/TD. You can ignore that fact as much as you want dipshit, but I’m not going to.

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It’s easy to feel safe in a uniform with a gun. Fun fact: every police officer has a home they sleep in at night, many have spouses, elderly parents, pets, children, property etc.

How do they feel when they return to those communities? How safe are they there?

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And why did he ever feel his cheesy Midwest local News Anchor Looking ass was ever a spokesman for any movement associated to the right?

Guy is literally a Copy+Paste of the next 100 generic limp wristed Ryan, Crenshaw, Graham, Cocaine-Mitch type conservatives...

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Look around you - this is the stage the last generation set for us all: you absolutely CAN be held. Who’s stopping them?

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<—— I’ll take one for the team: Number of pedes who were asked to respond to these “studies”...

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Why the fuck did you feel sorry for them? They were trying to run away after causing you thousands of dollars. They presumably know that such behavior is illegal, as was driving without insurance etc. they knew the risks...

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Pointing out fake news is just as necessary when it aligns with your beliefs as when it doesn’t.

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U/ebbie8708 I’m assuming you just forgot to add the shot post flair and that you’re not really a total fraud?

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It didn’t happen - this is another one of those karma-farming shitposts.

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Literally an old picture with some random text - Dont get me wrong, I appreciate the sentiment of the message, but am old enough to be highly suspicious of random Facebook-tier images with vague and non-specific text...

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These guys need to stop tick tocking and just say this shit out the blue.

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