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Bullshit, while small arms can take down a jet. That isn't what happened.

This story is most likely another attempt at a gun grab

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TLDR dipshit. Argue with Google if you want to learn about birdstrikes. You aren't worth my time

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I guess it was just my imagination when a dove shelled a motor.

Or a other time when a maintainer lost a glove in the intake and shelled another one.

Tell me how much you know about jet engines

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Well my guess is either pilot error, punching out of a jet for an emergency that didn't call for it...


Leg strap got pinched between the ejection handle and the seat... feller turns around to see behind him and his leg sets off the seat. (Been close to that one a couple times).

In any case, the dude punched out of a flyable aircraft and the jet used its ridiculous computer flight controls to stay airborne until it ran out of gas.

I would look 300 to 700 miles away on the last known vector. Haha good fucking luck

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The head of the household / landowner should be the only ones allowed to vote.

Without skin in the game, they vote for retards

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I try to post funny shit whenever I find it.

The problem is the AI isn't funny, so my searches elsewhere are finding nothing fun anymore.

Fucking gay, I guess that means I have to develop a personality. Because according to my wife "memes aren't a personality "....

So I took her to the grand canyon and we went base jumping with backpacks instead of parachutes.... she went first... I reassessed the risk after that.

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When I live right next to a dam with hydroelectric power generation. The transformers are near me, how does the grid in the west effect me?

Honest question, I have no idea how I would be affected.

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Reason number 3,703 to never give up your guns

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Yep, and used. That's my point.

Just fighting them is pointless

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Nope, a commie couldn't convert me because I see the psyop bullshit.

Once they see it, like "ice cube". They realize we are fighting the same enemy.

I didn't say trust them completely, but useful idiots are useful.

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Kill an insurgent and you make 3 new enemies for life. His kids.

Convert an insurgent and you win 4 new allies.

You obviously weren't SOF

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You are missing the big picture. Many are ready to turn to our side.

The evil comes from the top, they are just the idiots.

When threatened, defend yourself, but get more to our side if you want to actually win.

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People don't want to be slaves in a cubicle for 75% of their life. Disregarding 8hr of sleep.

You get 16 hrs of awake time.


1 hr - wake up and commute

1 hr - lunch

8 hr - work

1 hr - commute and cooldown

1 hr - domestic chores / cooking / etc

That leaves 4 hrs of 16 (awake) hrs, for things you actually want to do.

4/16 = 25%.

Then you give your money to the government via theft (taxation), so they can keep you enslaved longer and harder, while devaluing your labor and more importantly......time.

No wonder people are checking out. There is no hope for the future. Unless there is drastic change and we get back to America First.

Otherwise globohomo will make you a slave forever

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Seems to me like it is time to form local militias the way the constitution called for.

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Glowfag pounding on doors... why? What was your goal?

Oh right, no plan, no legitimate action producing tangible positive results.

Here is why you glowtards fail. You don't understand S.M.A.R.T. goals.

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THUD, ya man, gotta love the supersonic dual role guys.

They are the best at everything.

How was he as a dad? I don't want my kids to think I'm just an asshole

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