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i'm done talking to you

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until anything ACTUALLY happens, that's all it is

a show

one not worth popcorn

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who gives a shit

a right only exists when someone decides they want to take it. if you don't have the force to back it up, then it never existed

you think a declaration of independence or a bill of rights MEANS anything to biden? he doesn't give a flying fuck about you

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it's such a pain in the ass tho. cause like people will be like "i'll give you 20 bucks to add 4 tins of formula to your purchase" out in the parking lot

or they'll just come back 8 hours later when it's someone else's shift etc

they will always fuck up the system

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i'd be like, no one who voted for biden gets formula

got blue hair and face piercings? not even allowed in the store

fuck off

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then there is no such thing as the youness of you

except that's already a thing. people DO agree on the "youness" of you whatever the fuck that means

you know in some places they eat people, right?

some places are openly racist. you should look up what the sentinelese people do to people who come to their island

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there's no such thing as "the greenness of green"

there is what we define as the particular frequency everyone agrees is green

your eye cones might be seeing red and you just define red as green

everyone might see shit different that's why everyone has a different favorite color

if everyone saw things exactly the same and there was some way of proving it, maybe everyone's favorite color would be pink

these are things you can't possibly know because they're axiomatic

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keep on waiting for wakanda. doesn't exist

they don't have a culture of "build things" to get ahead. they either steal or they cry about being a victim and leech

it's mostly because of a stunted morality. people in these countries don't become politicians to help people, they do so to BE polticians. a ruling class with extra privileges

those politicians aren't going to help a farmer who gets invaded. so why be a farmer. work your ass off all day and be forced to fend for yourself and make your own protection? against a culture that wants to fucking steal because that's how THEY get ahead?


there's a REASON why wakanda doesn't exist

shitty morals

by Bullgod
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and then rubs poopoo in it

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But what causes the greenness of green in your mind?

that's what it means to DEFINE something

a baby doesn't know what GREEN is, it LEARNS it. whatever color that was to that baby was "FLURPLE" before you told it no, we call that "green"

the very first person to INVENT green ran around telling people to call it "green"

"green" is not "green" in foreign countries. they call it something else

it is apparent to me that you don't even understand fucking LANGUAGE

you might be the most retarded person i know....

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humans invented green. i don't know what you're even saying

you are like MAD retarded if you don't even understand colors

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there are much easier ways to exterminate 90% of the population

this is just the way that you make money off it and remain at the top while you watch everyone else suffer

just launching all ze nukes will kill everyone, making money off it you have to be trickier

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i tried to squeeze out a turd half that size once and it made me cry

i think i saw blood too

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It’s not β€œhis” body

ladies and gentleman

this kid is now KING of the retards

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no, the point was that's not your fucking body

if he wants to harm HIS OWN fucking body, why are you fucking crying about it

fucking retard

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he's not allowed to rail against people cutting baby dicks if he self intoxicates?

how fucking retarded are you and why do you feel the need to advertise it...

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and you could just get elon musk to shoot that waste into the sun


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easter is over, crawl back into the holes you came from cultist spammers

see you in december

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this guy gets it

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that's not how twitter works

you're not going to show up in elon musk's feed to get responded to unless you are high ranking with a lot of ties to people he follows

basically small fry don't get noticed with their inane and incessant chirping

would be a fucking terrible place to try and communicate with anyone if people with no clout could just fucking spam you all day...

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