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Who can say?

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I know dude. I can mock them shit out of the vaxers online but right to their face? They were victims. They were duped. They trusted others either through innocence or naivety. It’s sad.

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Most won’t ever admit they were at fault (sunken cost fallacy)

But expect more passive-aggressive actions from Branch Covidians over the years. Some will be smug because their shipment was pure saline. Some will forever hold a grudge because they got the mrna shipment and their immune system is dead forever. And the ones that got the industrial sludge shipments will probably die off if they haven’t already.

Also expect a serious strain on our hospitals from the vaxed plague rats having every issue under the sun from necrotic intestines to super-cancer 2

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Who can’t afford 8 bucks lmao

Wait until you see how much they take from your paycheck. Be mad about THAT.

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We elected evil over and over again. We didn't stop a demented pedo from climbing all over the American people.

Whatever happens, we deserve.

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The product isn’t what they are putting out,

YOU are the product they want to create.

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20% drop in voter turnout from 2018 and 2020

We need a Marcus Aurelius. The right man in the right place can change everything. It doesn’t have to be a committee of dry old men.

Democracy is kind of a meme when the guy in charge is a demented pedo.

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Oh they will get much more lurid

This is tame compared to what they do in private

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This has been a slow realization for me since 2019 and on. There isn’t any real justice or law enforcement going on.

Caution tape around playgrounds and tackling soccer moms over a cold. Then career felons engulf city blocks in flames, while politician Kid McDiddle gets to walk free while you pay through the nose just to pay for gas to get to your overly taxed wage slave job.

This is post-law America.

Do whatever you want, just don’t get caught.

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Pretty much this. Be a red-pill coach to a girl.

Women need leadership. Otherwise they write love letters to serial killers, support transwomen who corner them in bathrooms, and petition to have violent felons released early.

They are children in mindset.

Yes, that is a jarring statement, but you have to get over it and get her under you and assert your birthright as a natural leader.

Be the patriarch femtroons think you are.

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This will happen again.

Why wouldn’t it get worse? Has anything gotten better?

What are YOU gonna do about it the next time around?

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Tolerance isn’t a virtue. Tolerating dangerous things is being complicit with them. You have to be intolerant of ideologies that harm and kill people, especially ones that say “give us your children”

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I came here to say exactly this.

ANTIFA has the legal authority to act on the state’s behalf. And at least they have the balls to do so.

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The antichrist will be undeniably charismatic according to Revelation.

This skinny nerd stuttering “if if if if” didn’t endear anybody

Not to mention the chilly reception he has with his own base today. They blame him for allowing “dRumpf” to get into power

I’m sorry but Obama is definitely not that powerful lol

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I came this close to mocking a fat mask wearer today. I only stopped because it was the nearest local library and social decorum and all that…

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Are any countries going to take them? Their ayatollah ass-a-hole-ah leaders haven’t exactly charmed the rest of the world for the past 2 decades.

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This is going to sound almost juvenile, but the real culture war isn’t even between races, but between girls and boys. Namely, traditional patriarchal men + supporters, and third/fourth wave feminists.

Black men are probably the ones who were most affected by these forms of feminism. Once a woman could just siphon funds for decades from a man instead of working, men were seen as ATMs and checks.

So they feel forgotten, and want to feel a brotherhood and sense of belonging. So they join gangs sadly, and many perish every day from it.

Or they despair and just go rogue seeing no other future for themselves besides being a drain on tax resources until they die.

All because of “ain’t need no man! 💁🏿‍♀️💇🏿‍♀️💅🏿🤷🏿‍♀️“

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