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The "lungs" of the earth are the oceans, and they will continue to create oxygen at elevated carbon levels because seaweed creates at least half of the 80% of the air we breathe. Warmer temps will also help seaweed flourish. Even UNESCO has admitted this, publicly.

That's why I'm for clean oceans. We can do more to clean them up. But the oceans will breathe regardless of what we do. I'm also for not chopping down rain forests, but they're not as important for oxygen as the liberals have lied they are. And I'm all for forest management that has led to more trees on the North American Continent than when we started.

And, I'm all for clean air. I've personally witnessed how the air quality in Los Angeles has improved. We can do more - but in ways that don't kill jobs and put the power of the cost of energy into the hands of corrupt democrats and one world shitheads. Imagine how many more trees we'd have if the country ran on cheap, clean nuclear power.

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Did an aspiring rap artist and college student do nothing except point and fire a gun at police officers?

Because that's fine, perfectly fine.

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Such a strange feeling of deja vu, like we've lived through this before...

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It's basically pizza dough - back in the stone ages I worked for a pizza place that made their own dough, and it was pretty much the same recipe. We'd make loaves like that for sandwiches and garlic bread - tasty! And very easy. I'll have to try the dutch oven method sometime. I'll have to buy one...

She seems sweet. I loved the 'This dough is very forgiving...unlike some people..." bit.

Edit: I had no idea that was Jenny Jones, lol.

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Try russet. That's what my mom used, her recipe was simple - russets, peeled, boiled, cubed, some mayo, some white vinegar, chopped fresh onion and bell pepper and celery, and pepper. Easy. Everyone raved about it.

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There's an arguement for legalized prostitution, like requiring health checks, and getting it off the damned street and into brothels.

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Love to be a fly on the wall in the Oakland PD's offices. They've been fighting a losing battle for years against prostitution, including putting john's pictures on billboards and taking their cars.

International and San Pablo are gonna be meat markets again, way, way, way worse than they ever have been, and we all knows what comes with hoes - pimps and dealers. Same for the Mission in SF. You won't be able to move in traffic because the street will be clogged with whores.


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He should be advertising in Texas, where all the corporations are fleeing to, like Chevron.

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You know, I started feeling like a prude or something a couple years back, because I just don't find thug culture and whore culture exciting or attractive. I don't find anything exciting about some woman with butt and boob implants, clown botox lips, hooker makeup, and tatted on every inch of her body. I despise twerking, no matter who does it. I don't think women learning pole dancing to be "empowering".

But I started really examining it, and I realized I'm not a prude. I just reject the degeneracy that media and culture is foisting on us. I just recognize the difference between erotic and straight up porn.

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When the day school workers act more childish than literal children.

Trust that these kids will just remember these hags as mean bitches who hated fun, and not their insipid "protest". The more enlightened of them will realize these mean bitches cared more about killing kids, than actual kids.

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Settle down, Anaconda. Don't make us get the rolled up newspaper.

Mods, your pet got out AGAIN, and is shitting on the rug. Come and get him.

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It's on purpose. The libs have been polarizing everything, since the 60's. Hillary and Bill went all in. The bickering and now outright hatred of the left towards us was started under the Clintons and quadrupled down on under Obama.

Divided people cannot stand against a common enemy. Like corrupt politicians and illegitimate Presidents and an out of control congress.

That's why I don't use labels like "boomer", it's just more liberal propaganda to create generational warfare and confusion.

And, it's mental illness, it's just more "orange man bad". If he'd personally found a cure for cancer, they'd have banned it outright.

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Who said anything about prices coming down? They just have to be honest about them now.

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I wasn't accusing you, and I added to my post for the same reasons, to try and explain a very complex issue. I also didn't want to come off as blaming him, when it wasn't his fault - he did what he had to, to survive, and believed in the cause. It's just that he was at odds with forces he and his peers never had control of.

I always bring up Ike. He fought and believed in the war, but when he left office, he tried to warn us about the military-industrial complex. He knew. He probably had no clue when he was leading his troops into battle, but had the wool pulled from his eyes in Washington.

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