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It's none of our fucking business what...oh, It's Obama's crew. Yeah. This is what they do. Globalist degeneracy.

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My American flag is flying upside down, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. It's all the decoration I need.

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I love the bullshit at the end - Trump is not "hunkering down" in Florida, he lives there, he has stayed away from NYC for a long time - and he's traveling this weekend to a rally.

But it's our fake press, making shit up as usual, like the fake fears of "unrest". Hard to have unrest when NOBODY IS THERE.

You know this is bait, at this point. You have to know. They WANT unrest.

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Yep. They can float this in the news at will, to try and take focus off Trump until the elections and drive donors and voters away. They can't impeach, so they'll take the arrest boogeyman out of it's box when his polls surge, which they will.

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Adrenochrome is a substance the body makes, when it burns adrenaline. It has no known psychedelic properties, or life prolonging qualities. Hunter S. Thompson used it as the world's most illicit drug in Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas, and he made it all up, he just thought the word sounded right. You can buy it online, harvested from pigs, even though it has little known real world usage other than a snake oil supplement. It's not illegal, in any form.

If you believe the adrenochrome meme...well...you're pretty damn naive.

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Obama is playing a dangerous fucking game. With our blood. He's already trashed our economy, why not the lives of our troops?

China/Russia axis against us...not a rosy future for us. This shit is so close to the point of no return it's insane. If not past it.

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Then put up, or shut up, little man. It's noon on the west coast, and Trump isn't in custody. It's your move, Bragg. Make it. See what happens.

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Okay. Let's clear something up - the House of Representatives have NO direct or indirect authority over state agencies. That's the core of State's Rights. Jordan is not his boss, in any way, shape, or form. His ultimate boss is Letitia James, the New York State Attorney General. She, along with her office, has worked with the Manhattan office to prosecute Trump. She is backing him, 100%.

You may not like it, but State's Rights are important, and while it sucks Jordan has no power here except to investigate (with no clear outcome from that), I don't want the House to EVER have the power to bypass state's rights. You know how fast it would take for a House under the control of Dems and demons like Nancy Pelosi, going after red states, in that context.

State's rights are the hill to die on. Even if it feels like working against our interests.

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Basically. We have the same in some parts of the US, like Detroit. There's a lot of Muslims in state and federal government, too. And in media.

And yes, it's purposeful. Islam has never hidden it's intention of converting the world.

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The British Empire is no more. It fell to islam last decade.

Reminder: Charles has had his head up Islam's ass for decades.

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Nah. I think Obama was worse, and Clinton close behind. Biden never had access to the levels of corruption the President (when it's a Democrat) enjoys.

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Settle down, Anaconda. Don't make us get the rolled up newspaper and water bottle.

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I don't see any criminal charges coming from this, and Obama's DOJ will never allow that to happen. Especially since this could crack open the Oval Office - what did Obama know, and when did he know it?

I'm not saying they shouldn't do it. But it's a long, steep road to anything being done about it.

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Well, kinda. Blacks don't swim, they say so themselves, so water is a jogger's worst nightmare.

Hmm...German shepherd, shotgun, and a moat. I think we're onto something here.

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We're at war, except for the formal declaration.

I'm worried for the young - I'm past the age of conscription, but I fear we're going to see a draft.

And I fear for what Putin will do.

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She's not wrong, but I'm fine with letting these wierd men cause more and more problems, because they've got it all cranked up so high, their fall will be spectacular. And when "feminists" wake up (some will) and realize they're allowing men - and degenerate, fetish abusing men - are defining what a woman is...oh, the gnashing of teeth and "how did this happen?" will be Biblical.

It's bullshit and ugly liberal insanity on both sides of this - wierd men in dresses demanding lesbians date men with "female penises" is the best thing to challenge the feminist world bubble in decades. It's all sisterhood and comrades, until Delores with the 5 o'clock shadow whips it out and demands a blowie.

This is the crazy years.

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