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President used to be able to remove individual laws I thought but that changed under Bush or Clinton, or im drunk and mkaing shit up.

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reminds me of the protesters at the Oil Pipeline a few years ago where when they left they left all their trash and shit behind looked like a shithole, but muh environment!

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rub his leg hairs in the pool

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Even if you find one that will write a prescription supposedly a lot of pharmacies arent fulfilling them with some bs excuse its out of stock.

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he ever spill the beans what really happened? Like why the hell were they allowed to fly but police/news/other private helicopters were grounded and why didnt their helicopter have whatever supposed terrain tracking system in it, seems odd for someone worth several hundred miillion dollars to skimp out on.

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Don't forget first they have to get from their fucking Island to Mexico, aint no one swimming that or in some makeshift raft, letalone 15,000 of them in one clip.

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60K, bitch you dont know the govt these days, double that pay with a pension and work only 20hrs a week

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Its call the UniParty, there are not two sides, that is the falsehood these fhaggots in politics feed us and want us to believe.

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I bet they are already working on that one that got "arrested"

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barking dogs I absolutely hate, got so bad I had to ask my neighbor multiple times at night to shut their fucking dogs up and how the hell could they not hear them, like wtf im next door fence between us house with dual pane windows yet I hear them and you don't. Some people just deaf I guess

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This is the one that blows my mind. I know nurses and they say just tell them you arent us citizen and they gotta help you and the state picks up the tab

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Monsoon season! Was in Tucson recently and that shit happened almost daily.

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Kids today would not understand or appreciate

100% truth. Saw Norm a few years ago and a lot of the younger crowd left cause they don't get his comedic style.

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Live in a blue shithole and there are some "battling" neighbors, one puts up a Trump flag then the other Biden, then they keep putting more I love it, I am waiting for the Fuck Biden one to go up as a finisher.

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99 is nothing, AZ gets up into the 110s just like Southern Cali in some spots even into the 120s on the realllly hot days.

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Oprah the ex crackhead that probably prostituted her selfout...wait thats exactly what happened and whoever is behind her has been pushing / keeping her int he public for decades to push the narratives they want.

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Fuck UBER cause their Afghan shit, but still use them cause I aint getting a DUI, and I ask drivers if I need to wear a stupid mask cause I dont want to. Most have said they don't give a crap do what I want.

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