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as the "Savior of the GOP."

This is exactly how the UniParty and the MockingBird Media would portray and push it.

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Racist Scotus Ketanji Predator Brown has even said as much.

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New documentary on Netflix about it just came out, wonder who skewed it is towards the Gestapo.

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Well it is Fiat Money which has no backing, only thing keeping it up is being the currency for Oil....BUT China and Russia are working on being gold backed currencies with their oil, if they can get the Sauds and/or others to dump the USD, hello real inflation in the USA. Now wanting to make a gold back unified currency in Libya along with the rest of Africa is what got Muammar Gaddafi killed...would the CIA be so bold to do the same to Russia, China, and the ME leaders?

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Considering its not illegal to pay some whore to stfu and sign an NDA this whole case is stupid. Celebs do this all the time, Tiger Woods and Leonardo are known for it.

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Nah fuck that, Differing opinions are allowed and what make us / this place different and u/ChristinaPushaw just stating theirs and some shit Trump has done they disagree with, I sure as hell don't agree withe verything he does or says and I am sure a lot on this site can say that. Last thing we want is a fucking echo chamber.

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Shhhh you. Don't you dare mention the 300Billion the Federal Reserve(for those who don't know, is not our Govt, they use this name to fool people) pumped into the Banks last week either...everything is fine, nothing to see here.

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Same reason they wouldnt say Covid affected Fat fucks more than those in shape and if you narrowed it down it was more so the Blacks and Mexicans. Cause muhhhh racist shit something something cant afford proper food so their diet sucks cause muh social inequalities. Science community is a giant fuckin scam and has been for quite some time.

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Thats the whole thing I dont get. Ok paid hush money, time to go after every fucking celeb thats paid hush money and locked people behind NDAs for said hush money? Whether it came from him directly or through his attorney, it was his fucking money,not from the campaign coffers, the Feds even said as much and why they didnt pursue anything.

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When its such a weak "case" the Feds wouldnt even pursue it.

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I go into my bank, and they tell me they have atms that do the same thing. I replied sure I could do that, but then you wouldn't have a job would you...glare on their face and crickets. Fuckin dumb sheep.

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lmfao Twitch already cut the payout to their streamers from 70/30 splits down to 50/50 splits recently, started running a shitload of fucking annoying ads, and their CEO also just quit.

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To fucking much, but he bought it with overpriced tsla shares so its a wash in the end.

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the Democrats Politicians are communists.

It's a UniParty with the FBI/CIA Gestapo as their henchmen.

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work more efficiently

Won't happen. Ask any Govt employee to do this, hell ask most salary people to do this. DUring the plandemic half the people I know that went work from home during it got their "normal" work done in half the time. Why, cause they knew they could go fuck around the rest of the day. Companies have gotten soft and employees lazy fucks esp at the Govt level.

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lmfao people thinking China would be sending troops to our land...I guess? They are drunk and/or high af to even think that.

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Just like Affirmative action says blacks and browns are dumb. Nothing racist here, move along.

by wrmevlp
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Govt is your friend, they would never lie to you, they have your best interests in mind. Don't you even think of having wrong think or you'll get a visit from the Gestapo.

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Bruh we are putting sanctions on your oil! Oh and you can only sell it at $60/barrel!...love how the West thinks they can set such things. Ok fuck you we sell it to India, China, etc at whatever price(free market) we want, and they resell it at a higher price to you(free market again). Working well Europe! Trump Warned Europe and they laughed.

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