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Tbh Kanye is putting a lot of people In an awkward place right now

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There’s a little bar at the bottom of the video. It lets you skip things. Huzah.

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One like in two hours doesn’t show trust?

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Jim Carrey is not funny. He’s a deeply disturbed person. Listen to any interview in the last ten years with the guy. He is miserable and can only put on a fake happy face if he’s pretending on screen.

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Journalists aren’t people

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More companies should delete their online presence. I support this.

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The votes are rigged and the stickies are rigged

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That’s how the Steele dossier was reported to the FBI. The actual source quoting his own story.

Journalism isn’t a real profession.

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They’ll be back. It’s just another virtue signaling thing. Always trying to act so high and mighty. Give it a month and they’ll want the eyes on them again.

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Doesn’t matter. They won’t fix it. Seems to be they cheat and then they go “well we can’t fix it now so just certify.”

And they will. And it’ll keep happening.

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Pence is a dirty establishment politician and he was never MAGA

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