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Yea. But the question is…… are Sydney, Patrick, and even Flynn tools, too?

That remains to be seen.

I love Flynn. But damn, he just doesn’t seem to have that high of an IQ.

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I know. Like I’m cool with being a mayo monkey. It honestly makes me laugh.

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If you listen to Lin wood’s phone calls with Patrick Byrne, even Patrick Byrne thought something was suspicious as hell and noped the F right on outta there.

I don’t know what Sydney was doing- but it seems she might have been over her head in handling that much money. Is she a scamster? Are they all?

I honestly don’t know. I want to lean toward her heart being in the right place, but I don’t trust anyone anymore. Not a single soul.

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I was 38, and she was 63. Not exactly normal ages for parents and grandparents. (She did live in a different city, too.)

But I 100% appreciate everything she did, and good God, do I miss her now.

Surveillance is so tricky. It can only protect law-abiding people, if everyone agrees on what the laws needed to be abided by.

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We are ‘them’.

Trump was ‘them’.

How many other ‘thems’ have their been that we don’t know about.

I would bet 97-98% of mankind is good to their core.

Who have they falsely convinced us that they were evil?

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Printers print an identification code. Just keep that in mind

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It’s hard to have a conversation about it when it’s not allowed to be discussed.

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I might have snorted at the weave on the ground.

I appreciated the second two dudes though. They both seemed intelligent.

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I mean…. Part of me agrees. My last kid was in a daycare like that, and my mother-in-law watched from the second we dropped her off until we picked her up. It can be a great thing.

The real issue is, though, why are we in this position that we don’t trust our caregivers?

Which of course then leads to all kinds of other discussions.

Keeping in mind the leftism inherent in educational facilities these days, and how things are twisted in today’s modern media….. ask yourself what different scenarios this could be used against ordinary people just trying to exist.

Could it shine a light on the abuses?


But how else could it be used?

Could it be used to target good teachers? The good kids? How? Let your imagination wander.

At this moment in time, it seems so good for US.

But how can it be twisted against us?

Edit: spelling ‘absolutely’

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I just cannot get behind this. This is like the patriot act 2.0.

The people who control the recordings will only allow us to view what they want us to view.

Have we learned nothing?

But also, in our weak position- it could be a fantastic thing, and I admit that. It could control the further decline. I do not doubt that.

But it’s still the same ol’ “not my problem” that has allowed us to get to the point we are.

Cameras can’t solve the overall problem for us.

And if we think they can- then we might as well get vaxxed and make preparations to move into a smart city where you own nothing, but have no privacy. (But it’s SO cool!)

Are you even human at that point? Or are you a part of the borg, who knows they cannot go against any narrative they throw at you?

Could that have benefits for mankind? Yea. I’m sure it could.

Will that have a single benefit for any individual….. if they can no longer be an individual with thoughts and curiosity and questions?

The best thing to do is control your own environment. Not expect the environment around you to cater to your whims. That type of collective bargaining is much more advantageous than becoming an ant in a colony.

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He sounds retarded with a really bad lisp.

And he also doesn’t seem to understand that being fake-vaxxed means you can no longer carry or spread it.

Is that on purpose?

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What stupid bullshit. Link? I could not find the article. Things like this I randomly send to my parents…. So they can get the gist of how they are being lied to.

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I put chili and onions. I hope that doesn’t make me commie! And I agree with the ketchup spelling. I had a flashback earlier to the first embarrassing time I was shown that it was not, in fact….. spelled k-e-t-c-h-u-p!

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There probably some truth to this.

But I HATED mayo as a kid, too. If you ever get even just a bite in the wrong place at the wrong time….. with too much mayo on it, it can turn you away for a very long time- maybe even forever.

People who hate mayo are not silent about it- everyone has to know.

People who hate catsup will make fun of you if you like it.

People who like mustard think they have superior taste.

This is just my lifelong experience of dealing with various everyday condiments and feeding people.

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Did you see the handshake post where the poster learned that when his friend said he “really like fucking little girls”, that he ackshually just meant he liked fucking short girls…..

and maybe that’s just a misunderstanding between Dems and cons 😬

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8 minute old account trying to convince people that pedophiles are really just misunderstood.

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