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Had to double check that is was indeed WaPo as I was surprised to see an unbiased article.

It's not an unbiased article. Only the title is, and they changed that title lickety-split.

For example, they cover "The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection" (their words) without mentioning the lack of cross-examination and the admittance of hearsay.

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You mean it wasn't just an autonomous Assault SUV that did it?

Someone tell CNN! https://archive.ph/4qpyD

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decrufted: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-62425720

(generally you can omit all the tracking garbage after the "?" in the URL)

Thanks for sourcing your post!

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but now i wonder how they’ll explain them trying to pull that shit in a republican-only contest against Trumps candidate.

AZ has semi-open primaries. Which means that independents/unafilliated can walk in and vote in either primary.

Take a look at this editorial from a left leaning local AZ news outlet. Lefty journalist Laurie Roberts is begging apathetic independent voters to vote out MAGA candidate Keri Lake in the primaries.

Now you know why they ran out of GOP ballots in Pinal County, AZ last Tuesday.

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Guess who's in charge of statewide elections! Katie Hobbs! She's in charge of her own Governor race against Keri.

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I think they think that it's easier to cheat in the primary.

Don't worry, they'll cheat again in the general.

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There was a proposal floated to split it 4 ways, I don't know local politics enough to understand why it went nowhere.

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I got the same number of ballots in Maricopa: 402023, except the NYT was reporting only 84% reporting.

What is your source, u/SquatchNDenver?

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They'll cheat the hell out of November. Again.

Here's the thing, they might just be trying to cheat in the GOP primaries. It's the old "pied piper" strategy that backfired spectacularly in 2016.

Considering that those commies at the azcentral.com ran an opinion piece:

Independent voters, take note: Kari Lake still leads in latest poll of GOP governor's race

... which is begging independent voters to vote in the GOP primary and vote against Keri Lake.

Gov. Keri Lake seems to scare the fuck out of columnist Laurie Roberts.

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By their own admission they should update by 7pm local (but I think they're on Pacific time Mar-Nov, so in ~ 45 minutes)

This needs to get fixed. I don't trust the bastards not to steal and cheat.

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  • declare fake results
  • some kind of fire at the chicken farm
  • stall when equipment is subpoenaed
  • make sure the files containing the lo-res scans of the ballots as they were counted are corrupted and unreadable
  • manufacture enough fake paper ballots to match your fake results from 8 months prior
  • counterfeited all the paperwork needed to make the new seals you added to the counterfeit boxes of ballots look legit and original
  • delete log files from the election off of machines that have been under subpoena for months, the day before turning the machines over.
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Nobody has anything near as much baggage as Hillary,

A0C is just a dumb cunt that the media likes to fawn over. But she's only been caught in a couple of lies, misspent some campaign cash, and cluelessly virtue signaled.

The Dem elite just isn't going to back a greenie for 2024. They may trot her out to try to attract a segment of the vote, but they're not going to let her win the nomination.

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It would take you thirty seconds for you to paste the link yourself. Less time than posting a comment explaining why you're too lazy to post a link.

If that saves 100 'pedes 5 minutes each to satisfy themselves it wasn't photoshopped bullshit -- before they share it elsewhere -- well that would make you a force multiplier.

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Either fake or deleted before archive. This needs either a link or they need to add "shitpost" flair.

This post must have been done by another fucking "Orlando"

An "Orlando" is some asshole that doesn't care about our team winning, instead they seem to thrive off from measuring their dick against fake internet points earned from unsourced and often recycled screenshots.

Quick! Someone post that fake-as-shit Kenyan road sign about Obama again!

Edit: found a similar tweet: https://mobile.twitter.com/Ashley11774244/status/1544335795854655488 and I archived it: https://archive.ph/dPPnN

always archive.

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Needs shitpost flair, u/C2me

Originally allegedly said the night she lost the election, but the Donna email version has been floating around longer than I expected.

Try the chai tea meme or the side-of-beef memes instead.

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It's mostly RV "glamping" supplies. Which makes it worse business sense because of typical retiree demographics.

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You got there firstest with the mostest.

Thanks for being a force multiplier.

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Some chick says she got it through a crowd! I believe that.

There are recorded female cases already.

I will continue to avoid joining or getting anywhere near crowds for the meanwhile.

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