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Because our legal system is not perfect and has some glaring issues is the answer to your question. Being tried as a minor/adult just goes to understanding of the law, state of mind, and potential sentencing. Has nothing to do with the actual crimes committed.

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Not a lawyer but watched the entire trial on Rekieta Law. Self defense is an affirmative defense to the charges. Depending on the state, either the burden is on the defendant to prove reasonable self defense, or the burden is on the state to prove beyond reasonable doubt that it wasn't self defense.

In Wisconsin and according to the jury instructions issued by the judge, the jury must find that the State proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Kyle did not act in self defense.

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If Kyle is found not guilty, he can legally get his AR and go back to Kenosha and defend property against the riots again.

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If Kyle is found not guilty, he can legally get his AR and go back to Kenosha and defend property against the riots again.

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They aren't deciding what evidence the jury can see. That was decided when the judge allowed the evidence into the record. They are deciding on how the judge instructions the jury regarding the laws allegedly violated. Prosecution is arguing murder, defense is raising self defense, prosecution is asking the judge to instruct the jury that provocation diminishes Kyle's self defense claim.

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No he didn't. All of his ruling on technology/video/photo have been shit. He may be based but his rulings haven't had a lot of benefit. Chewing out the prosecution but not following up with anything did nothing to help Kyle.

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The defense has to make a motion to end it. The Judge cannot unilaterally dismiss except in EXTREME situations I think.

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Great decision mate. Gov. Inslee forced me out of state work on Oct 18th over the jab mandates. Looks like the wife, family, and I will being moving to Wyoming.

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He cannot plead the fifth unless he reasonably believes his testimony could incriminate him. "Did you post this on social media?" and "Did Gage say he regretted not killing Kyle?" are not incriminating and thus he would be compelled to testify and held in contempt if he refused.

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Lin Wood isn't representing Kyle. Kyle has a defense attorney local to Kenosha.

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True wisdom in the comments. You are 100% on point.

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This is beyond government. Call you bank, your insurance companies, and your grocery stores. Tell them if they don't fight this shit, you will take your business elsewhere and find someone who stands up for your freedoms and values. I called my bank (USAA) today and made the rep count up the money in all my accounts (6 figures). I then told her to send this feedback to the highest possible level, that if they don't fight this mandate and stand up for the freedom that veterans have fought and died to defend, I will close all my accounts and take all my money out. Everyone needs to do this NOW!

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There are a lot of us. Hundreds/thousands fired in Washington state government, king county, and Seattle on Oct 18th. Stay strong man! Even if it is tough and we become casualties in this battle, we have to fight for our freedoms and what is right. Evil only triumphs when good men do nothing.

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Thanks mate. I've had 4 job offers in solid red states recently. Less pay but way better quality of life.

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